Friday, October 26, 2012

See Ya Snow!!

First of all,


Hope Mr. D and Harley spoil you today. 


Tomorrow we will be leaving for Phoenix for 3 weeks! It will be Audrey's first plane ride which I am super excited to see her reaction. I'm a little nervous since I am doing this lag of the journey by myself but it's a short enough flight that even if it's horrible, it won't last long! 

I am going to miss hubby and Milo terribly, but I will not miss the snow! I went for a make up run last night and it was cool (which I didn't mind) but snowy and icy. I am trying to work on getting faster but having to watch every step isn't helping at all!

Snowy and only a few dead leaves left on the tree.

Long pants and a pile of snow.
This was the pathway at the start of my run.

Stopping for a mid-run photo.

Today will be filled with laundry, packing, and last minute chores. I am a chronic over-packer so this should be interesting trying to fit everything we need for 3 weeks for Audrey and I in one suitcase! Plus I need to save room in case I buy a few things down there...

Bye!!! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. On a cooking roll! On Tuesday we made a roast in the slow cooker. I really want to start utilizing the slow cooker since it will be a lifesaver when I go back to work. We have a slow cooker recipe book but I found a recipe on Pinterest (my new favourite go-to website!) that looked pretty good.

Slow cooker beef roast
We altered the recipe a bit by putting less cayenne pepper in (didn't want it too spicy for the little one... or me!), used fennel instead of carrots (because we had the former and not the latter) and put a beer in even though the recipe didn't call for any liquid.

Verdict? I thought it was pretty dang good! Hubby thought it was so-so. We probably won't be making this particular recipe again but will definitely do another roast in the slow cooker again soon.

2. Tuesday's run was cold, very icy and snow covered path ways. I almost fell (in the last kilometer again) but caught myself. The ladies behind me asked if I was a former figure skater so apparently it was a graceful save! Audrey stayed home with Daddy which was the best choice all around.

I missed last night's group run since I had a girls night with some friends instead. I will make up the run tonight.

3. Busy preparing for our vacation. Timing couldn't be better with all the snow we have been getting. It will be weird wearing shorts and shirts again. I was liking the scarves and boots! Not complaining though- will have lots of opportunities to wear those in the upcoming months!

I am bringing the computer so I will probably blog a few times. We will be skyping with Daddy a lot since this will be the longest time we have all been apart! Can't wait for him to join us!

Mom, I'm not impressed with these hat, mitts and boots!
Let's go somewhere warm!

Got one mitt off!

Going to shovel snow (in the baby carrier)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

~It's almost...Halloween~

Since we will be away for Halloween, I decided to take a few pictures of Audrey with pumpkins and in her costume. It is her first Halloween after all!

I took these last week- before the snow dumped on us! Good timing!

Love the sneaky cat in the background!

What's this?

No, I will not look at the camera!

I'm having fun with the camera. I got a new 50mm lens that's good for portraits. Unfortunately Audrey is not always the most cooperative subject. Doesn't like to look at me (I'm old news!) or crawls away from me!

The cat is actually a good subject... can always count on him to sit still-- for hours!


He doesn't always look at the camera either...

Running away somewhere safer! 


I decorated the house a bit.

Our Halloween wreath on the front door.
Covered in snow!!

I debated not even getting Audrey a costume this year since 1) we will be away and are missing all the parties and 2) did I really want to pack it with me and take up precious room in the suitcase and 3) the costumes available for babies here are for cold weather, not warm weather like Phoenix!

Instead I compromised and made something cute that won't take up too much room, will be the right temperature for Phoenix and she can get a lot of wear out of it once Halloween is over!

Presenting...  "The Fairy Princess/Ballerina/Tutu Girl!!" 

What the....?
This feels weird Mom!


Trying to be creative (me, not her)

What are these flower things?
Can I eat them?

Obsessed with the stem

I will look at you but I won't smile

Let's try crawling in this thing

My buddy Panda!

Blurry but too cute-- proof she smiles!

Standing at the window inspecting the pumpkin

I found a tutorial on Pinterest for a baby tutu. I always wanted to do one so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I went to the fabric store and they only had the tulle in bolts so I had the extra steps of cutting it to the right width. It's by no means perfect. Next time I make a tutu I would use a thinner elastic for around the waist. I used the left over to make the headband so you can see it's quite wide.

I bought a packaged of the rosettes at Michael's and sewed them into a heart shape on a plain onesie we already had. I had to re-sew a few of them to get the right shape but it was pretty easy overall. I also sewed the rosettes on the headband.

Overall it was a super easy project. The tutu takes a bit of time to knot each piece of tulle but you can do it while watching TV.

Cost was ~$20.

I'm disappointed that we don't have any Halloween parties to go to but my sister-in-law and I will be dressing the girls up just for fun anyway! For once I won't have to worry about snow on Halloween!!

What are you or your kids dressing up as for Halloween? 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Show, Snow, Shopping, & Slipping

On Friday, Leigh and I went to see Pitch Perfect. It was hilarious!! I love Glee, musicals and a capella so this was definitely my kind of movie. Even if you aren't into those things there are some great punch lines. We were killing ourselves laughing at points. This was my first movie that I have gone to since Audrey, other than Hunger Games when I brought her and it was a gooder!! Great suggestion Leigh!

Saturday I had a few errands to run so I dragged hubby and Audrey to the mall. I ended up getting a new Pandora bracelet for $5.00! I found out that you are only supposed to have about 9 charms on the leather bracelets as they can only withstand so much weight so I moved a few over to my new bracelet.

Double strand in grey
Yes, that's a shoe charm! :)

We also had another interview with a potential day home. Update on that later.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out at home. We watched Breakfast at Tiffany's which was pretty good. Not what I was expecting really but still worth watching.

Sunday morning we got up early to meet our running group (after another bad night of sleep but when you wake up to this sweet face it's hard to complain!)

Sleeping (in my bed) Beauty

We woke to a fresh dump of snow... with a layer of ice underneath.

(backwards since taken with Photobooth)

It wasn't too cold out (-7C) but it's been awhile since I have run in the cold and snow so I had to really think about  what kind of layers to wear. We removed the infant sling from the Chariot since I think that might be part of the reason Audrey has been grumpy the last few runs- she's grown out of it :( We bundled her up and went to put her in the Chariot when we realized that we forgot an essential part-- the front wheel!! Oops!! So hubby stayed back with Audrey while I ran 7K.

The sidewalks were pure ice and we were slipping and sliding all over the place. It was awful. When we were about 1K from being finished we crossed through a large parking lot. We had started walking since it was sheer ice (ironically the parking lot to the hockey arena) and I fell. Ouch! I don't feel too sore... yet.

In the afternoon I took a nice nap and played with Audrey. I got a little crazy and did some cleaning when she and hubby went to the grocery store! And I took some pictures:

She's serious about having her picture taken!
I know I said I'd help fold diapers but I just spotted the cat!

I'm going to get him!

Face off!!
Milo doesn't look so impressed!

Blowing raspberries!

More silly noises!

Shrieking loudly!
Notice her sippy cup handle hooked on her bib!

Petting Milo oh so nicely!
Even the bib couldn't keep her shirt dry!

Hubby made a delicious roast chicken and I baked some banana bread for dessert. Love this recipe!

A great weekend! I even managed to get my ab workout in both days! Win!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Hell has frozen over and my house is still standing! Last night, I made dinner from scratch for the first time ever. Like EVER!
I found this recipe for leftover turkey on Pinterest.

Turkey macaroni casserole
Turkey Macaroni Casserole
It looked pretty simple and we had some leftover turkey I wanted to use up. I bought a few ingredients that we needed on Tuesday and did some of the prep work like cutting veggies and shredding cheese. I knew I wasn't going to be home in the afternoon on Wednesday so I had to make this as easy as possible.

Hubby was surprised when he walked in the door and there was dinner in the oven that wasn't frozen pizza or a Costco prepared Sheppard's Pie (which I still love). I think he thought he died and went to Heaven! Or someone stole his wife and replaced her with a younger, less criminal Martha Stewart!

Verdict? I thought it was edible. Not sure I'd make it again anytime soon. It reminded me of tuna casserole. Hubby loved it and ate 3 helpings! I think he was just so happy to have food ready when he got home! This makes a big dish so we will have lots of leftovers for a few days

2. Some good, some bad-- runs that is. Tuesday was the start of the new clinic and I almost gave Audrey away on Kijiji when she cried for 3 of 4K. So frustrating when I have no idea what's wrong and she can't exactly tell me either. I'm not sure if it's just too close to bedtime (started the run ~6:45pm), she was cold (don't think so), she was hot (possibly), she didn't want to be strapped into the Chariot anymore (very possible) or she hates me and running! Either way, while it was a fast Chariot-pushing run, it was not a good one. At the end we were both in tears.

Yesterday, hubby wasn't feeling up to running so he stayed home with Audrey while I met the running group for 3K. I started out slowly (it was uphill after all) and then took off like a rocket. I started off at the back of the pack and by the end I was passing a few of the runners in front of me. That's totally motivating! My average pace was 5:58min/km which is fast for moi. I need to hold that pace for 2K more and I've gone my sub 30min 5K in the bag. 

Let's hope for more good runs than bad runs in my future. That being said, running with a crying baby does make me faster but I don't recommend it.

3.  DIY Project- As I mentioned before, my Mom has sold her house and is downsizing after the passing of my step-dad. Packing up a big house is a ginormous job and makes me never want to move again! Or not until I can afford to hire packers, movers and un-packers to do it all for me!

My Mom had 2 sets of her wedding china that she was keeping for my sister and I. She gave them to us now rather than storing them in her small condo. The problem is that I don't have anywhere to put it. I know if I keep it packed up in the basement I'll never use it. 

My Mom still has her hutch that was her very first "grown up" purchase that she made 35+ years ago. My step-dad refinished it about 15 years ago to a colour that wouldn't be my choice but it still looked nice in their houses with all their horsey stuff. 

Farmer Green
You can see the original wood colour inside.

She hasn't had much luck selling it and was really anxious about parting with it even though she has no room at all for it in her new place. Hey- I need a place to store all my new china!! I will be refinishing it since farmer green is really not my taste (nor my mom's!) so it's going to be quite the project. I'll be starting it when we get back from Phoenix and hopefully it will be done in time for Christmas. 

I've found a few pictures on Pinterest for inspiration. I think cream would look great and go really well in my house. I haven't decided it I will "antique" it or not since that means I have to colour it darker first, then cream. We'll see how much work I want to do once I've sanded the thing down!

Cream among dark wood. Love!
Cream with antiquing

So that's my new project!! What do you think? Any advice? This will be my first piece that I repaint and it's a big one!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So many thoughts, so little time!

We officially have a crawler on our hands which means Audrey has to be watched like a hawk all.the.time! Forget about attempting to get anything done while she is awake. She likes to eat her Dad's magazines and books from under the coffee table and eat the shoes in the mudroom/laundry room when I'm trying to wash clothes!


(So blurry! Working on my photography skills- see below!)

This means that my time on the computer will be extremely limited for the next little while :( My focus right now, other than Audrey, is to attempt to learn how to cook (eating at 8pm is just not working for us since hubby gets home too late from work) and learn how to use my dSLR better. I love great photos and until I learn the ins and outs of my camera my picture taking ability is not going to get better. I found a great cheap tutorial online from Photography Concentrate that I am studying in the hopes that I can catch some great shots.

Also tonight is the start of the next half marathon clinic. Looking forward to getting back into it after a 2 week break. I had some hip/glute pain after my last run so I hope that doesn't show up again. I haven't been doing my stretches as often as I should.

The 30-day ab challenge is going well. I missed Saturday due to extreme busy-ness and poor planning. I can already feel myself getting stronger and the exercises getting a bit easier. No more pukey feeling!!

Since she's so cute and I can't resist, here are a few more pictures!

Loving Milo!

Kiwi is delicious but messy!

Love the swings


Empty containers are the best toys!