Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Loves!

This is why I love the city I live in...

Yesterday- snowy and cold

Today- brown and sunny skies!

Obviously Kristen came and picked up her snow! Or sent in a Chinook.... :)


I love that after having my Macbook for almost a year I am just starting to play around with Photobooth. I used it a few times when A was first born but now I'm having fun with it! 

Only a couple months old!

Sleeping beauty!

And now... 7m old!

Love this effect! And this little girl!

And a video! (Hoping it works!)


Love that last weekend we planted flower bulbs in the garden so next spring we will have lots of pretty tulips, crocuses and hyacinths. 

Daddy and Audrey

All warm in her fleece hat

Putting bonemeal in the holes to help the bulbs grow

Two tulip bulbs

Digging away

And in about 7 months the bulbs will grow into beautiful flowers! Exciting!


  1. I love tulips! I need to plant some at our new place. Such cute shots of you and A!!! :)

  2. Just wait until Audrey hits 2 years old and you can't get her away from Photobooth. The twinners would take pictures of themselves all day long...if I were stupid enough to keep photobooth in the dock!


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