Wednesday, October 24, 2012

~It's almost...Halloween~

Since we will be away for Halloween, I decided to take a few pictures of Audrey with pumpkins and in her costume. It is her first Halloween after all!

I took these last week- before the snow dumped on us! Good timing!

Love the sneaky cat in the background!

What's this?

No, I will not look at the camera!

I'm having fun with the camera. I got a new 50mm lens that's good for portraits. Unfortunately Audrey is not always the most cooperative subject. Doesn't like to look at me (I'm old news!) or crawls away from me!

The cat is actually a good subject... can always count on him to sit still-- for hours!


He doesn't always look at the camera either...

Running away somewhere safer! 


I decorated the house a bit.

Our Halloween wreath on the front door.
Covered in snow!!

I debated not even getting Audrey a costume this year since 1) we will be away and are missing all the parties and 2) did I really want to pack it with me and take up precious room in the suitcase and 3) the costumes available for babies here are for cold weather, not warm weather like Phoenix!

Instead I compromised and made something cute that won't take up too much room, will be the right temperature for Phoenix and she can get a lot of wear out of it once Halloween is over!

Presenting...  "The Fairy Princess/Ballerina/Tutu Girl!!" 

What the....?
This feels weird Mom!


Trying to be creative (me, not her)

What are these flower things?
Can I eat them?

Obsessed with the stem

I will look at you but I won't smile

Let's try crawling in this thing

My buddy Panda!

Blurry but too cute-- proof she smiles!

Standing at the window inspecting the pumpkin

I found a tutorial on Pinterest for a baby tutu. I always wanted to do one so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I went to the fabric store and they only had the tulle in bolts so I had the extra steps of cutting it to the right width. It's by no means perfect. Next time I make a tutu I would use a thinner elastic for around the waist. I used the left over to make the headband so you can see it's quite wide.

I bought a packaged of the rosettes at Michael's and sewed them into a heart shape on a plain onesie we already had. I had to re-sew a few of them to get the right shape but it was pretty easy overall. I also sewed the rosettes on the headband.

Overall it was a super easy project. The tutu takes a bit of time to knot each piece of tulle but you can do it while watching TV.

Cost was ~$20.

I'm disappointed that we don't have any Halloween parties to go to but my sister-in-law and I will be dressing the girls up just for fun anyway! For once I won't have to worry about snow on Halloween!!

What are you or your kids dressing up as for Halloween? 


  1. I LOVE her costume!!! Great job! So cute. She is beautiful! :)

  2. Wonderful Costume!

    I love my 50mm lens too! It's my favorite one!

  3. Love the photos!! I still need to learn how to use my DSLR better and get a good lens!!

  4. She is adorable. Love the costume you did for her!

    Mine are being a unicorn, and a green pig (from angry birds).


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