Friday, October 26, 2012

See Ya Snow!!

First of all,


Hope Mr. D and Harley spoil you today. 


Tomorrow we will be leaving for Phoenix for 3 weeks! It will be Audrey's first plane ride which I am super excited to see her reaction. I'm a little nervous since I am doing this lag of the journey by myself but it's a short enough flight that even if it's horrible, it won't last long! 

I am going to miss hubby and Milo terribly, but I will not miss the snow! I went for a make up run last night and it was cool (which I didn't mind) but snowy and icy. I am trying to work on getting faster but having to watch every step isn't helping at all!

Snowy and only a few dead leaves left on the tree.

Long pants and a pile of snow.
This was the pathway at the start of my run.

Stopping for a mid-run photo.

Today will be filled with laundry, packing, and last minute chores. I am a chronic over-packer so this should be interesting trying to fit everything we need for 3 weeks for Audrey and I in one suitcase! Plus I need to save room in case I buy a few things down there...

Bye!!! :)


  1. Have a GREAT time!!! Bring bak warm weather PLEASE!!! Good work getting out for a run, it was chilly!!

  2. Wow! 3 weeks! Lucky lady! Enjoy it!

  3. Thank you Nicole! Hope you have a fabulous trip. I didn't realize you were gone for three weeks.....bring some sunshine back okay?!

  4. Enjoy your vacation! Sometimes I get distracted by stupid footing etc, just focus on running as fast as you can in the moment you're in! Sincerely, Still Jealous of Your Snow!


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