Monday, October 22, 2012

Show, Snow, Shopping, & Slipping

On Friday, Leigh and I went to see Pitch Perfect. It was hilarious!! I love Glee, musicals and a capella so this was definitely my kind of movie. Even if you aren't into those things there are some great punch lines. We were killing ourselves laughing at points. This was my first movie that I have gone to since Audrey, other than Hunger Games when I brought her and it was a gooder!! Great suggestion Leigh!

Saturday I had a few errands to run so I dragged hubby and Audrey to the mall. I ended up getting a new Pandora bracelet for $5.00! I found out that you are only supposed to have about 9 charms on the leather bracelets as they can only withstand so much weight so I moved a few over to my new bracelet.

Double strand in grey
Yes, that's a shoe charm! :)

We also had another interview with a potential day home. Update on that later.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out at home. We watched Breakfast at Tiffany's which was pretty good. Not what I was expecting really but still worth watching.

Sunday morning we got up early to meet our running group (after another bad night of sleep but when you wake up to this sweet face it's hard to complain!)

Sleeping (in my bed) Beauty

We woke to a fresh dump of snow... with a layer of ice underneath.

(backwards since taken with Photobooth)

It wasn't too cold out (-7C) but it's been awhile since I have run in the cold and snow so I had to really think about  what kind of layers to wear. We removed the infant sling from the Chariot since I think that might be part of the reason Audrey has been grumpy the last few runs- she's grown out of it :( We bundled her up and went to put her in the Chariot when we realized that we forgot an essential part-- the front wheel!! Oops!! So hubby stayed back with Audrey while I ran 7K.

The sidewalks were pure ice and we were slipping and sliding all over the place. It was awful. When we were about 1K from being finished we crossed through a large parking lot. We had started walking since it was sheer ice (ironically the parking lot to the hockey arena) and I fell. Ouch! I don't feel too sore... yet.

In the afternoon I took a nice nap and played with Audrey. I got a little crazy and did some cleaning when she and hubby went to the grocery store! And I took some pictures:

She's serious about having her picture taken!
I know I said I'd help fold diapers but I just spotted the cat!

I'm going to get him!

Face off!!
Milo doesn't look so impressed!

Blowing raspberries!

More silly noises!

Shrieking loudly!
Notice her sippy cup handle hooked on her bib!

Petting Milo oh so nicely!
Even the bib couldn't keep her shirt dry!

Hubby made a delicious roast chicken and I baked some banana bread for dessert. Love this recipe!

A great weekend! I even managed to get my ab workout in both days! Win!!


  1. I love the shoe charm on your bracelet! So cute!
    I haven’t run in snowy weather before but we plan to this year. I am nervous about slipping and falling (especially since I seem to do it on a regular basis anyway)

  2. So glad that we went to the movie...I haven't laughed that much in a while!! Love the pictures of Audrey :)

  3. She is so photogenic! Cute! I like the wrap bracelet for your pandora charms! :) I hate running when it's snowy and icy but plan on tackling it more this year. :)

  4. So where did you get a Pandora bracelet for $5.00? Did I read that correctly? I have a silver bracelet but I really love that double strand leather one. Must add to my Christmas list!

  5. I LOVE Breakfast at Tiffany's! I've probably seen it in excess of 300 times (and most of that in a single year). It is a big part of the reason why one of twins is named Audrey. Ok - it IS the reason. I was just happy Hubby liked the name too ;)

    The leather bracelet can only hold 9 charms?!?! That's insanity! I have about 20 on my silver bracelet...but the only shoe I have is a running shoe (Yes - I am that breed of dork)

  6. Yes do tell how you got one for 5$!!

    She is such a cutie!


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