Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So many thoughts, so little time!

We officially have a crawler on our hands which means Audrey has to be watched like a hawk all.the.time! Forget about attempting to get anything done while she is awake. She likes to eat her Dad's magazines and books from under the coffee table and eat the shoes in the mudroom/laundry room when I'm trying to wash clothes!


(So blurry! Working on my photography skills- see below!)

This means that my time on the computer will be extremely limited for the next little while :( My focus right now, other than Audrey, is to attempt to learn how to cook (eating at 8pm is just not working for us since hubby gets home too late from work) and learn how to use my dSLR better. I love great photos and until I learn the ins and outs of my camera my picture taking ability is not going to get better. I found a great cheap tutorial online from Photography Concentrate that I am studying in the hopes that I can catch some great shots.

Also tonight is the start of the next half marathon clinic. Looking forward to getting back into it after a 2 week break. I had some hip/glute pain after my last run so I hope that doesn't show up again. I haven't been doing my stretches as often as I should.

The 30-day ab challenge is going well. I missed Saturday due to extreme busy-ness and poor planning. I can already feel myself getting stronger and the exercises getting a bit easier. No more pukey feeling!!

Since she's so cute and I can't resist, here are a few more pictures!

Loving Milo!

Kiwi is delicious but messy!

Love the swings


Empty containers are the best toys!


  1. Such a cutie!! A Busy cutie! :) Well just enjoy. And good luck with learning you camera and at your clinic!! Glad you feel stronger already with your abs!! Awesome.

  2. Can't believe that she is crawling already! Craziness how time flies. Hope this clinic cycle goes well!

  3. Yay for crawling. I found it handy because Henry could follow me around instead of crying for me when I left the room. After a few weeks you will have moved all the stuff she can get into and it will be not as stressful (and then when you go to none baby proofed houses you will remember how much work it is!!). I also need to master my dSLR. I just discovered how to change the white balance yesterday and it' made such a huge improvement. I would love to be able to shoot in M mode but I'm not there yet!


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