Thursday, October 11, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. 30 Day Ab Challenge- I realized that in 2.5 weeks I will be basking in the sun in Phoenix which means I have to wear a bikini-- which means I should probably attempt to do something to tone my abs!  I've never had rock hard abs but my tummy has never really been my problem area. I found this 30 Day Ab Challenge on Pinterest and decided what the heck. Can't hurt to do it right? Yah right! Yesterday was day #1 and I thought I was going to puke half way through! My other motivation for working my core is that it's supposed to help my running. Sold! Anyone else want to puke with me? :)

This is me after today's session-

Utterly exhausted... and sore!

2. Halloween's coming up! We will be away and aren't attending any parties but I still want to dress Audrey up for her 1st Halloween! My baby niece will also be with us so how cute will the 2 little girls look all dressed up! I've started working on her costume and she's going to be sooooo adorable!

3. Kristen- come get your snow! Obviously it's confused and snowed in your hometown instead of your current city! Take it away! :) It's not much but I don't want it!

Kristen's snow that mistakenly fell in my city
rather than her side of the country


  1. Haha that after pictures makes me laugh :) I've done those exercises and they are tough, but so good! Yeah Kristen, take your snow!

  2. I did that abs challenge this summer, it's a killer but it does get a bit easier as you go! :)That photo of you was me too trust me! :) Keep it up though!!

  3. 25 weeks is really far away still! But lucky that you'll be somewhere you can wear a bikini! I LOVE the snow.But I'm pretty sure it will melt tomorrow when it's +15.

  4. I'm still SNOW jealous!!! I hope we get tons. And at least one snow day. And before Christmas, so I can take my photo card choice A.

  5. I only like October snow when it doesn't stick. That's too much for October :)
    Mostly I just miss the "holy crap, snow in October" shock and then how the next day it could be 15 degrees.

    I'm headed where there is DEFINITELY no snow for the next two weeks.


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