Thursday, October 18, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Hell has frozen over and my house is still standing! Last night, I made dinner from scratch for the first time ever. Like EVER!
I found this recipe for leftover turkey on Pinterest.

Turkey macaroni casserole
Turkey Macaroni Casserole
It looked pretty simple and we had some leftover turkey I wanted to use up. I bought a few ingredients that we needed on Tuesday and did some of the prep work like cutting veggies and shredding cheese. I knew I wasn't going to be home in the afternoon on Wednesday so I had to make this as easy as possible.

Hubby was surprised when he walked in the door and there was dinner in the oven that wasn't frozen pizza or a Costco prepared Sheppard's Pie (which I still love). I think he thought he died and went to Heaven! Or someone stole his wife and replaced her with a younger, less criminal Martha Stewart!

Verdict? I thought it was edible. Not sure I'd make it again anytime soon. It reminded me of tuna casserole. Hubby loved it and ate 3 helpings! I think he was just so happy to have food ready when he got home! This makes a big dish so we will have lots of leftovers for a few days

2. Some good, some bad-- runs that is. Tuesday was the start of the new clinic and I almost gave Audrey away on Kijiji when she cried for 3 of 4K. So frustrating when I have no idea what's wrong and she can't exactly tell me either. I'm not sure if it's just too close to bedtime (started the run ~6:45pm), she was cold (don't think so), she was hot (possibly), she didn't want to be strapped into the Chariot anymore (very possible) or she hates me and running! Either way, while it was a fast Chariot-pushing run, it was not a good one. At the end we were both in tears.

Yesterday, hubby wasn't feeling up to running so he stayed home with Audrey while I met the running group for 3K. I started out slowly (it was uphill after all) and then took off like a rocket. I started off at the back of the pack and by the end I was passing a few of the runners in front of me. That's totally motivating! My average pace was 5:58min/km which is fast for moi. I need to hold that pace for 2K more and I've gone my sub 30min 5K in the bag. 

Let's hope for more good runs than bad runs in my future. That being said, running with a crying baby does make me faster but I don't recommend it.

3.  DIY Project- As I mentioned before, my Mom has sold her house and is downsizing after the passing of my step-dad. Packing up a big house is a ginormous job and makes me never want to move again! Or not until I can afford to hire packers, movers and un-packers to do it all for me!

My Mom had 2 sets of her wedding china that she was keeping for my sister and I. She gave them to us now rather than storing them in her small condo. The problem is that I don't have anywhere to put it. I know if I keep it packed up in the basement I'll never use it. 

My Mom still has her hutch that was her very first "grown up" purchase that she made 35+ years ago. My step-dad refinished it about 15 years ago to a colour that wouldn't be my choice but it still looked nice in their houses with all their horsey stuff. 

Farmer Green
You can see the original wood colour inside.

She hasn't had much luck selling it and was really anxious about parting with it even though she has no room at all for it in her new place. Hey- I need a place to store all my new china!! I will be refinishing it since farmer green is really not my taste (nor my mom's!) so it's going to be quite the project. I'll be starting it when we get back from Phoenix and hopefully it will be done in time for Christmas. 

I've found a few pictures on Pinterest for inspiration. I think cream would look great and go really well in my house. I haven't decided it I will "antique" it or not since that means I have to colour it darker first, then cream. We'll see how much work I want to do once I've sanded the thing down!

Cream among dark wood. Love!
Cream with antiquing

So that's my new project!! What do you think? Any advice? This will be my first piece that I repaint and it's a big one!!


  1. That will be a great DIY! I am re-doing an old dresser over the winter too!! That recipe sounds great and look at you go!!! So proud! :) I'm sorry A doesn't love runs. :( Must be really hard. :(

  2. First of all, good job on dinner from scratch! :) It looks delish. I am in LOVE with your parents' hutch thingamahbob. Love love love the color. But totally get that you don't. I like creams. Good choice :)

  3. Try going for runs with the Chariot when A is in a good mood. 6:45/evening runs may be too late for her. Max acts like a bear in the evening at that time and probably won't sit in his chariot. We go for late afternoon run/strolls or in the late morning :-)

  4. I think that will look great once it is refinished! It's a big job but will be so worth it.


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