Wednesday, November 21, 2012

~Adventures in Phoenix~

It was a lovely 3 weeks vacation in Phoenix!! We couldn't have timed the trip better with the cold weather here and the hot weather there.


Audrey was a little trooper on the plane! Thankfully it's a quick 3 hour or less flight so it wasn't too hard to get to and from Phoenix.

Saying goodbye to Daddy before customs

First plane ride!

View while flying over Arizona

Waiting to board the plane on the way home

Sun and Heat

The first 2 weeks were HOT! The sun was out almost every single day and when the girls would be napping, the moms would be sunbathing! The temperature ranged from 28-33C for the first 2 weeks and then cooled down to 17-26C for the last week. Nothing to complain about there!

Fountain in the backyard

The fire pit is nice when the evenings cool off

Many meals cooked on that BBQ


The closest pool to my in-laws house was adult only so my sister-in-law and I went a few times during nap time or in the evening while our amazing mother-in-law watched the girls. Heavenly!

Some family friends have a house nearby with a pool so we went over there a couple afternoons so the babies could have some pool time. Audrey LOVED the water!! She was splashing and kicking like crazy. She was even accidentally dunked under the water and didn't swallow any water or bat an eye. Water baby!


Target, Kohl's, outlet malls, even the grocery stores were awesome!! It's a bit challenging shopping with babies but we made it work. Audrey got completely spoiled and has a whole new wardrobe. Hubby found a bunch of decent deals. I was the major bargain hunter and while I didn't buy too many things for myself, most of it was at a great discount which makes me happy! I got 2 dresses from Target, 2 sweaters, tank tops and a brown pair of boots!

I can't wait until Target opens in Canada!

One thing that I did find is that with 9% sales tax a bargain often ended up being the same or more than what an item would cost at home. I was none too impressed when we got home and I realized that we spent more for hubby's Levi jeans in Arizona than we would have if we bought them at home! And Carter's in the US isn't any cheaper either. Of course I couldn't resist all the cute baby clothes.


I'm pretty sure I gained a few pounds while on vacation! Hubby comes from a family of great cooks so delicious meals were prepared every night. Plus my sister-in-law quite possibly has a sweeter tooth than me so we indulged in daily treats. I don't regret a single calorie consumed though!

Chowing down on one of Great-Grandpa's famous ribs!

Measuring spoons= best toy ever!
Maybe she will bake me a cake!


We went to the Arizona State Fair one afternoon. It was similar to the Calgary Stampede, minus the rodeo obviously. Lots of midway rides, fair food and exhibits. The highlight for us was the animals!

I thought of you Kristen!
I didn't try it though

Keeping hydrated in the 33C heat!

A small Saddledome!

On our last day we did some hiking at the White Tank Mountain Regional Park which is about 15 minutes from my in-laws' house. Very beautiful desert landscape.

Saguaro cactus
Jumping Cholla
Apparently if you get too close it
 spits out needles like a porcupine!

Dead Jumping Cholla!

Riding on Daddy's shoulders

Playing peek-a-boo with Grandpa

Small lizard on the rock in the very middle


Normally I don't really like running in the heat but when it's cold and snowy at home, 33C doesn't seem so bad! I was just happy to not be falling on ice every few steps! We sort of had a routine down that when the girls went down for their morning nap, my mother-in-law would hold the fort while my sister-in-law and I went for a run. We stuck to 2-3 routes since the community is quite confusing and easy to get lost in. We did either 5.5K or 4K 2-3 times a week. My sister-in-law is faster than me so it was nice to have someone to push me. We had lots of great talks on those runs and it was great to have one another to motivate us to get out the door on the days we didn't feel like running. I will miss those runs!

Oh and we also wear the same running shoes! I thought that was pretty funny!

Scenery while I ran--

Pineapple cactus

Not too sure what this cactus is called
but I love it's purple colour

Love you Palm trees!
Future runner and shoe addict!
Yes, she is my daughter!

Mmmm shoes!


The nice thing about this vacation was that we didn't always have to do something. We spent a few days just relaxing at the house suntanning, reading-- I finished 3 books down there, enjoying a bevy or two, going for walks, watching TV in the evenings after the girls went to bed, great conversations and many laughs.

The girls are at the age where they interact a little more with one another. Audrey loved her cousin and would squeal every time she saw her. Car rides were sometimes interesting when one would cry and the other would chime in. A chorus of crying babies!

Hanging with my cuz
Just standing

Reading Mom's Kobo

Trying to eat my zipper pull!

Audrey the observant!

Finally resting!

Trying out the Jumperoo


Of course the best part was spending time together as a family. We are very blessed to have a great family that we want to spend time with. We even got to Skype with our globe-trotting brother and sister-in-law while they were in Malaysia.

Since we weren't able to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving together in October we just had a big turkey dinner the day before we left! A bunch of family friends also came over and indulged. I love that we get big turkey dinners 3 months in a row!

Two little girls are dressed up to go shopping!
Gotta be where ever L is!

Doing some research on what to do in Phoenix!

Grandma & Grandpa with their granddaughters

My lil' family!

Hubby and I

It was a great vacation and can't wait to go back again!!


  1. It looks awesome!!! You did so many things! Love your dress in the last photo!

  2. Shopping with babies is awesome - the stroller gives you somewhere to hang and stash your purchases! Looks like you had a nice trip!

  3. Looks like you had a really great trip! (And I love that Maxi dress on you)

    I've only made my own (for a bacon party) and not had "professional" chocolate covered bacon...but it is weird. The texture of bacon with the texture and taste of chocolate was not my thing. Though many others liked it! I'm glad you thought of me though :)

  4. Oh my. What a great trip!!! So jealous of your 3 weeks in the heat. Sounds wonderful. I love that dress!!! So awesome! I want to see your purchases!! Good job on running!!

  5. Ah looks like you had an amazing three weeks! Glad that you were able to spend time with family, shop and get some runs in. LOVE your dress!

  6. Omg Audrey is SUCH A CUTIE!!!!!!

    I'm glad you had such an amazing vacation! That sounds wonderful!


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