Friday, November 23, 2012

Iphone Fun & Weekend!!

I've been playing around with my new iPhone-- trying to get all my settings just how I like them, downloading apps and fixing my contacts since they transferred over a bit messy.

Thanks for Alison for revealing the secret to her great photos! I love Picfx! I think all my pictures may have hearts and different effects on them now! Also thanks for telling me about Google+! You rock!

Panda love!

Yummy cookies!
Recipe from Leigh

Helping in the kitchen... by licking all the tupperware!

I can't believe it's the weekend again! This week has just zoomed by while we adjusted to being back home.

Tonight I have my first ever Book Club. We read The Imposter Bride which I highly recommend! It's a bit of a dark read. It is set in Canada which is nice for a change! It's worth adding to your Christmas list. I'm looking forward to discussing it tonight!

Tomorrow I am getting my hair done! I'm sporting the Ombre look which looks awful on me! I have so many tiny hairs growing in around my hair line (thanks post partum hair loss) that my hair looks bad pulled into a pony tail, braid... pretty much anything easy!

My Mom's birthday is tomorrow so we are celebrating it on Sunday with our annual Girls Christmas shopping and dinner date. Can't wait! I've missed my family since I have been away.


  1. Cute pics! I also really like google chrome as a web browser, pinterest, etsy, the weather network, street food yyc (for all the food truck info!), Convert Units (for all those recipes with ounces) and the ringtone designers.

  2. Totally cute she is! You are welcome. Glad they worked!! Love the hearts for sure. :) Those cookies are the best, I've had those!! yum. Have fun shopping and at dinner!!


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