Thursday, November 22, 2012

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Yesterday, Audrey and I went for a walk... It's a bit snowy and cold out!!

It's freezing out here Mom!!

Fluffy white snow

Snow-covered fence

At least the snow looked neat on the trees

Trying to stay warm all bundled up!

Snow covered boots & legs!

2. Guess who got an iPhone last night??? Yup-- this girl!! Super excited! I decided to go with the 4S. Many thanks and kisses to hubby and Audrey for braving the roads to pick it up while I went for a run. It was nice to run with the group again after 3 weeks away. Running in the snow wasn't so much fun but I did buy a pair of shoe grip things so that made me feel way more secure on the snowy and icy sidewalks.

So what apps do you recommend? Alison-- how to I get hearts in my pictures?

3. So that 5k coming up? I'm not sure I'll be able to get a PR/sub 30 time. If the footing conditions are anything like last night it will just be too dangerous to push myself. I did manage to do a couple 5K runs in Phoenix just under 30 minutes so I know I CAN do it but it's not worth hurting myself if it's icy outside. Hubby also informed me that the altitude is closer to sea level in Phoenix so running is "easier" there. Maybe I'll just have to find a 5K in Phoenix then!

The good news is that my awesome instructor, Penny is also running the Santa Shuffle so hopefully we can run together and I can get a PR even if it isn't sub 30 minutes. The one thing I know and love about this city is that the weather can change quickly so in 2 weeks it's very possible all this snow could be gone so I'm not giving up hope yet!


  1. YAY for joining the iphone club. It's PicFX app to get those hearts on the photos. It's under "light" on the app. You will love it!! Good luck on your runs, I have been getting out with Cruz for run but I can't say I love worrying about my footing so much. :( Are you coming to Leigh's on Sat?

  2. yay for iPhones! I can't imagine running in this snow! Good for you! I bet in 2 weeks it will at least be a clear path, even if all the snow doesn't melt! You are going to rock it!


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