Friday, December 28, 2012

~Audrey: 10 months~

Christmas Eve
9 months
8 months

Sleep: I'm afraid to say anything for fear of jinxing it but sleep has gotten a lot better in the last month! When we got back from Phoenix I knew we had to make a change because none of us were getting any rest. We had a few crying episodes but for the most part Audrey is only waking once a night to feed. I'll take once a night over 5-6x wake ups any time!

Her naps are still pretty good although the Christmas festivities have made it difficult to follow her routine. She is still napping 2 times a day, ranging from 1 to 2.5 hours.

Eating: Audrey is starting to show some preferences when it comes to food. I think she is sick of butternut squash since that has been a staple since 5 months. She also doesn't like the same thing more than 2 times in a row. She eats mostly whatever we are eating-- Thai curry, chili, chicken, veggies, fruit, toast, casseroles, big turkey dinner. She also prefers to feed herself so she is having less pureed food and more finger foods.
Still breastfeeding 3-4 times during the day.

Milestones: Thankfully we have had a small break from teething-- still sitting at 8 teeth. Now she just grinds those 8 teeth together. Worst sound ever! I

She is still crawling around like crazy and pulling to stand up on everything she can. We've had to put things up higher and higher since her reach seems to have increased overnight as well. She loves to crawl with something in her mouth or items in her hands.

Eyes: They keep changing! Some days they are bluer, other days green.

Playing: She loves anything that lights up, or makes sounds. She is all over my iPhone and remotes. Santa brought her a few noise making toys that she loves-- talking Big Bird, Standing Activity Table, activity cube, talking puppy and a whole bunch of books. She was definitely spoiled at Christmas!

Talking: She says Mama a lot. Not 100% sure if it is in context but I like to believe it's her first word! She also says "nanana" but not in reference to anything in particular. She enjoys shrieking, probably due to our reactions! It's a bit deafening!

Weight/Clothing: She hasn't been weighed since last month and our home method of weighing is very unreliable. I suspect she is between 17-18 pounds now. I think she has gotten longer though since her pants seem to be getting a bit shorter. She is wearing 6-12 month clothes and a few 12 month sleepers. She received a bunch of 12 month clothes for Christmas but they are all way too big.
She seems to have pretty small feet-- I had to sew the elastic tighter on some shoes since they kept falling off. They were size 3!

Personality: Audrey is still very social. She loves meeting new people and seeing new things. She hates missing out on anything so trying to get her to nap when we are out can be difficult

Current Favourite Things: Socks, Tupperware drawer, blocks, stuffed animals, Milo's toy, her activity sets

Miscellaneous: Audrey has started refusing her soother. She used to take it to sleep and if she was fussy but the past week she just spits it out or plays with it. I guess that's okay since we won't have to wean her off of  it in the future but I really liked having it for car rides when she was fussy.

We bought "the next size up" convertible car seat for Audrey. She is still small enough for the bucket seat and I do love it's convenience but it won't be much longer before she is too long for it. We have been using the convertible car seat in Daddy's car and she seems to enjoy it. We have had to take a few aimless drives when she has fallen asleep in it during a short drive and we can't just bring her into the house anymore without waking her.

Audrey enjoyed her first Christmas. She woke up with a bit of a cold so that put a slight damper on Christmas Day since she had a runny nose. She loved opening all the presents and playing with the bows.


  1. She's getting so big! Hopefully you can master the carseat transfer. We can do it sometimes

  2. Oops don't know what happened there. We can do it sometimes if she is really really asleep.

  3. She is such a happy girl and getting so big!! :)


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