Sunday, December 23, 2012

DIY Christmas Crafts + More

Since Christmas is only a day away I figured I should post about some of the small projects I have been working on.

Firstly, I stole this idea from Leigh months ago but finally got around to putting it together. We have so many lost socks around here that it was driving me crazy and I needed a place to stick them all.

Hence the "Lost Socks" sign.

I also found this pin here.

It takes only a few supplies, mostly which can be found at the Dollar Store.

- Paint (I used 3 colours)- $1 per colour
- Clothes pins- already had
- Piece of wood for the actual sign (free)
- Ribbon, hook or chain for hanging (leftover from another project)

Hubby insisted on cutting a piece of wood he had in the garage for me rather than me buying a sign at the Dollar Store. He also screwed some hooks into the top for hanging.

Blank slate

1) I painted the board black
2) I painted the clothes pins green
3) Free-hand painted "Lost Socks"
4) Glued the clothes pins using wood glue but I'm sure white Elmers glue would have worked fine

5) Tied the ribbon through the hooks and it's now hanging in my laundry room with 9 socks on it!

Ta da!

I'm also working on a hair band and clip holder for Audrey's room with the same design as the "Lost Socks" sign. I'll post pictures whenever I get it done!

My second project that I stole from Leigh (she finds the best things!) is a great way to display Christmas cards. Normally I cover my mantel with cards but I dislike how cluttered it looks so when I saw this idea I had to do it!

Ribbon Christmas Card Holder

You need:

- Wide ribbon whatever length you like
- Clothes pins
- Paint & Glitter (optional)
- Tape

1) I decided to be a little creative and paint the clothes pins.
Then I felt they needed some glitter! Bad idea! Sure they look neat but the glitter gets everywhere so I don't think I would recommend doing that again!



Glitter red!
2) Tape the ribbon on the side or front of whatever cabinet or door you want.

3) Pin cards onto ribbon. I told you it was easy!

Easy ribbon card display

Gift Card Holder

I decided to make my own gift card holders after a friend shared a picture of one she made. Hers seemed a little more complicated that I had time for so I looked around on Pinterest and found something that I felt I could tackle.


Of course I forgot to take pictures while putting them together.


- 2 or 3 kinds of card stock/scrapbook paper
- glue
- double sided tape
- paper cutter and scorer (optional but recommended)
- fancy edged scissors (optional)

1) First I measured out a template on some scrap paper since I didn't want to ruin my fancy Christmas paper. Once I played around with the template a bit I felt comfortable using the good paper.

2) Scored the edges that I wanted to fold. Use fancy edged scissors to cut top flap if you like (I didn't in the below example)
3) Glued the sides for the pocket and also used double sided tape for extra security.
4) Measured, cut & scoured the outside band
5) Made embellishment from extra paper and glued on.

Hand Print Ornament

I've always loved these clay hand prints. My parents have one from when I was in kindergarten so I knew I wanted one for Audrey's first Christmas. Plus they make great keepsake ornaments.

I used Crayola Air-Dry Clay. It cost $7 for this big tub that probably could make 10 hand/foot prints of a 10 month old!

1) Scoop out a portion of clay and form into a ball

2) Roll out into a circular shape (or whatever shape you want) with a rolling pin

3) When you reach the shape and desired thickness, press hand firmly onto clay. Easier said than done! It took about 3-4 tries to get it right. The nice thing is that you can easily re-roll the clay and start over.

4) Use a straw to poke holes for the ribbon to hang. Use a toothpick to write name and date if you like.

5) It takes at least a couple days to dry completely. Once dried, tie the ribbon on and hang on the tree!

Christmas Baking

Pictures of the decorating as promised!

Sugar cookies & Gingerbread cookies

Festive cookies! So delicious!


  1. Look at your crafty lady!!! Love it all. We have the xmas card holder too, so fun!! I spot a card I recognize!!! :) Hope you have a GREAT Christmas!!! Enjoy. PS. Please send a photo of you in the sequin shorts. :) Hot mama.

  2. Awesome idea for lost socks. I may have to make one. I too have been planning to make a hair clip holder for Skye. The supplies have been at home now since month 3. Maybe after Christmas. Thanks for the reminder. I also have a stocking to sew and a memory scrapbook and her baby books and an advent calendar and a journal...never ending!!


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