Friday, December 14, 2012

~Short and Sweet~

We've been busy around here!

Been working on some crafty projects- some Christmas-y, some not. More about that later when they are done. If they get done!

Teaser picture

Christmas Baking is on the agenda this weekend, again! Seems the baking I did a couple weeks ago keeps disappearing, even while in the freezer! I have no idea how that happened. ;)

Sugar cookies that need to be decorated...

and same with the Gingerbread cookies!

Christmas shopping is 98% done. Now for the wrapping... 0% done.

Wrapping still wrapped...

Christmas cards are in the mail.

More Christmas parties coming up! I'm very excited! "All Dressed in Red" tomorrow night-- guess I should find something to wear.

In some non-Christmas news, hubby and I are going on our first date night since Audrey was born! Sure, we've had a couple nights out for work events and such but this time it will just be the two of us for dinner and a movie! Can't wait! Lucky to have great in-laws who jump at the chance to hang out with the baby!

Happy weekend!


  1. We just decorated our sugar cookies today. Yum. Enjoy the night out!

  2. About time you guys went out for a date! Hope you have fun :)

  3. I don't know how you get it all done! and all that running too. Have fun on the date night. I am going to try and persuade DH to let someone watch Skye so we can go on an anniversary date the end of January. He thinks she can go everywhere we do till she leaves home ;-) that would be our first date night if it happens...

  4. I need to get moving on my Christmas wrapping too! Those cookies look delicious - they will be so cute all decorated!


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