Wednesday, December 19, 2012

~ Winter 2013 Half Marathon Training Update ~

I'm currently training for 2 half marathons in the new year- the Hypothermic Half on February 9th and the Run for L'Arche on March 23rd which I mentioned here.

So right now I am currently on a training schedule for the first race in February and then I plan to recover for a week before jumping back into training for the Run for L'Arche half. I'll put together a condensed training schedule in the new year once all the Christmas festivities are over.

We are on Week 10 of training:

14K Long run- completed on Sunday with my running group. First time in awhile I have done a long run outside. The first 5K I felt pretty awful- my legs would not warm up (muscle-wise) and I felt like we were never going to reach the turn around point! Thankfully I was running with Carol so we chatted lots to pass the time. We were also running a new route downtown so that was pleasantly distracting. Once we reached the half way point I felt way better and finished strong. I'm not sure if it was mentally due to the fact that I was half way done or if my muscles finally warmed up-- maybe a little of both!

I need to make sure I don't skip anymore long runs from here on in. Must stay on track!

Runner in the making!

4K Tempo- I did that yesterday on the treadmill. Hubby and I have been alternating going to run club rather than keep Audrey out past her bedtime. It's actually nice to run during the day/nap time so I have my evening free for other things-- like blogging!

Sweaty treadmill run

6 Hill Repeats- I'll be doing that tonight. I haven't run outside on the hill since we did 3 hills so it's going to be interesting to say the least. I have been doing hill repeats on the treadmill though so I'm not totally behind. It's going to be really cold out this evening so I better dress warm! Those hand warmers from my Christmas blog swap are going to come in handy! Hopefully Santa will bring me some warm socks too! ;)

Next week is going to be challenging to get my runs in due to Christmas. We also have Audrey's Baptism on Sunday so I have to get my 16K run in at some point. It is supposed to be really chilly (like -20C) this weekend so the treadmill isn't looking too horrible!

I may or may not run on Christmas Day. Depends on how late we stay up the night before and if time permits between opening presents,  and getting ready for dinner.

Do you plan on running on Christmas Day? Or working out?

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