Tuesday, January 8, 2013

~ 2013 Goals~

I like setting goals.
Partially because I like making lists.
I like checking things off.
I like seeing progress.
In 2012, I didn't really set any goals since I didn't want to pressure myself with having a new baby. Now that Audrey is almost a year (tear!) I'm ready to set some achievable goals.

Running/Fitness/Health Related
1) Run 750km in 2013.
2) Get a Personal Best in the half marathon distance- sub 2:22.
3) Get a Personal Best in the 5K distance- sub 30 for real (no short courses!).
4) Meal plan on a weekly basis- personally cook 2-3 meals a week (I'm just learning to cook).
5) Eat better. Reduce sugar, and flour intake. Eat more natural foods.
6) Complete a 30 Day Ab Challenge at least once.
7) Cross train 3x a week-- strength training and yoga. Tone this body!
8) Drink more water- at least 8 glasses a day.

1) Spend less money. Be picky about what I buy. Do I really need it? Can I live without it?
2) Continue learning how to use my dSLR. Complete more tutorials. Buy Photoshop Light Room and learn to use it.
3) Read 15 books.
4) Organize photos in iPhoto and make some photo books.
5) Learn to utilize the items in my closet rather than buying new clothes constantly.
6) Take or have taken family photos every season.
7) Reduce time spent aimlessly on the internet. Doing this will help me achieve the above goals.

I plan to check in quarterly to assess my progress and make any adjustments if necessary.


  1. GREAT goals! I am with ya on the spending and making cute outfits with what I have! YES to family photos and photo books LOVE!!

  2. I love your goal about having family photos taken every couple of months. It's amazing how people change but you din't notice it cause you seem them every day.

    I'm definitely guilty of spending too much time online too.

  3. Wow! You amaze me with all that you get done or plan too! I'm lucky if I get 1 thing accomplished in a week. I'm playing the "she is a lot younger with more energy than me" card so I don't feel so lazy and boring... ;-). Good for you!


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