Monday, January 14, 2013

~January Photo-A-Day Challenge Week 2~

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7. Relax
Milo has relaxing down pat

8. I am...
...a muffin experimenter! Zucchini and carrot

9. Favourite
... little girl

10. To-Do
Try out my new Mizunos on the treadmill

11. TV Show
HIMYM gets ms through long treadmill runs

12. Dance
Audrey dances when her puppy sings

13. Shoes
Buried in the snow on my 18K run


  1. I've never watched How I Met Your Mother, but I think it may have to be the next show that Will and I start watching!

  2. Haha - Skye got a Violet puppy for Christmas - seemed to be the choice gift all around this year! We had duplicates. And she dances to it as well :-) so cute.


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