Monday, January 7, 2013

Outdoorsy Weekend & No Spend January Update

What a gorgeous weekend we had. As much as I dislike winter, I do love the Chinooks that we get every so often that blows in some bearable temperatures and sun.

Saturday we decided to go to Bowness Park to go skating on the frozen river. We were trying to remember the last time we went skating-- we came to the conclusion that it was at least 5-6 years ago, possibly before we were married! We used to do it a few times each winter when we were dating but I guess other activities took over-- snowboarding and running.

We took Audrey in the Chariot which turned out to be a great idea. I wasn't worried about her (it was quite busy on the ice) and for the most part she had fun. She is getting to the point where she doesn't like to be strapped in for long so we didn't stay too long.

One section of the frozen river

It took me a few minutes to get comfortable on my skates again but it's like riding a bike really. After a bit Audrey started to get fussy so hubby started doing donuts with her in the Chariot. Freaked me out at first but of course she loved it!

Sunday I slept in so no group run for us. Instead we meal planned, hubby went grocery shopping and in the afternoon we went to another park for a run. I've only been to Nose Hill Park once or twice before for walks, even though it's pretty close to our house. It's quite hilly and has a big off-leash dog area. It's not really my favourite park in this city, and this run reminded me why. The paths aren't cleared at all (which is understandable) so we were running on very hard packed, uneven snow. I was okay on it, but Audrey didn't enjoy all the jostling. Also it's very exposed-- very few trees and you are up high so it's windy up there on a regular day, never mind on a Chinook day like it was yesterday. That wind was awful! I'm so glad I had my running jacket on with a hood.

Downtown is straight ahead

We were supposed to run 12K on the Hanson Ranch hilly route with our running group-- we did 10.68K and it was definitely a hilly run! I think the Hanson Ranch route is easier which says a lot! Serves me right for sleeping in!

I don't think we will be running here again until the snow melts. It's not really the best place to run with the Chariot in the winter.


No- Spend January Update

First week down!! It actually hasn't been nearly as hard as I thought it would be.
I did go out for dinner with friends on Thursday that was arranged before I decided to do this Challenge. I restrained myself and only had a drink and an entree- no appetizer or dessert.

I did have to spend $10 to get our skates sharpened but the skating itself was free, plus we brought our own hot chocolate. We should be able to get out skating a few more times this winter so the $10 investment was well worth it.

So those are the only two things I have spent money on this past week (other than necessities like food!)- no coffees, clothes, or fast food.

The hardest thing is when people invite us/me to do something with them that costs money. I don't want to kill our social life but I also want to stick to the challenge. That is going to be our biggest obstacle this month I think.

Hubby has also jumped on board with the Challenge- he is going to avoid the drive-thru (his biggest weakness being on the road quite a bit during the day) and no iTunes purchases.

What do you do to save money? 


  1. Fun that you guys went skating! I know they also have an area where you can skate at Eau Claire...looks pretty nice every time I've gone by. I might need to rent some skates, so I can go :) The wind yesterday was brutal! To save money, I rarely buy my lunch at work. I usually bring it unless we make something that doesn't have left overs the night before.

  2. Fun that you went Skating. My mom sold my skates at a garage same without my permission a while ago. I need to buy new ones! I figure I'll wait until Henry starts skating.

    Good job on the no spend Month! I need to do that too!

  3. I love sharing but my feet get freezing soooo fast. :( sounds like a great weekend!!

  4. Oogh - I've never run at Nosehill park - but I've been and can't imagine it is fun with a cold wind. Good on you!


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