Friday, January 18, 2013

Run for L'Arche- Getting Out the Door

Training in the winter can be tough. It's cold, dark, icy, windy, snowy... not really ideal running conditions.

What motivates me to run in the winter?

1~ Signing up for a race and telling everyone about it. There's nothing like paying good money and making a public commitment to motivate you on the coldest days to get out there and run. Signing up for a half marathon really motivates me because I'm afraid to run one un-trained!

Looking for a race this winter? You can sign up for the Run for L'Arche half marathon, 5 miler or 1K Fun Run here. 

2~ Joining a running clinic or having running buddies. Being accountable to others for a running date also helps me venture out into the snowy, dark nights when I'd rather be cuddled on the couch reading a good book. Having a schedule to follow makes it easier to stay on track rather than putting off those runs until it warms up or stops snowing or is light outside. Plus running for 2 hours in the cold with good company is much better than 2 hours on the boring treadmill. Trust me-- I've done both! Treadmill runs have become a necessity for me since having a baby but I'd much rather run with friends outside.

Two of my favourite running buddies

3~ Bragging rights. I admit it-- I like that I can say I run in the winter outside and often for 2 hours at a time when the snow is coming down sideways, I can't see the pathway and my water bottles are frozen.  People probably think I am crazy and they might be right. :)

Sideways snow, uncleared path & frozen water bottles
occurred on this 18K run

4~ Helps me stay in shape. In previous 'off seasons' aka winters I would gain 5-10 lbs and when spring would roll around my workout clothes were tight and I felt like I was starting all over again rather than getting faster/stronger/leaner. Plus I can have a few treats without feeling guilty about the extra calories I consumed.

Mmm cookies!

5~ Keeps me sane! Running has done wonders for my mental health. When I'm having a tough day a run clears my head. The reduced sunlight during the winter can really affect ones mood and thankfully running almost always puts me in a good mood. For me, running can either be baby-free time or family time. I love that I don't have to sacrifice time with my family to do something that I love.

What motivates you to run in the winter? Do you run outside or do you stick to the treadmill/track?


  1. My biggest motivator in the winter is signing up for a race. Can't slack on my training!

  2. I only run outside! Thus far NYC's winter has been pretty tame. I cancelled my gym membership so I only have outside as an option! Great list!

  3. So far signing up for a race has been an amazing motivator for me. I was having so much trouble forcing myself to get up on those dark, cold, mornings in December, but having a race date in May has definitely made it easier.

    Public commitment definitely also helps!!


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