Thursday, January 10, 2013

~Run for L'Arche Half Marathon Training Update~

Now that 2013 is officially here this means my half marathons are right around the corner!

Only a month until the Hypothermic Half and 10 weeks until Run for L'Arche Half!!

There is still lots of time to sign up & train for the Run for L'Arche if you are looking for a good winter Half Marathon, 5 Mile or 1K Fun Run. Click here  to register-- early bird registration until January 15th!

I've put together my training plan from now until the Run for L'Arche on March 23rd. It is not a traditional training plan since I'm running 2 halfs between now and then. I definitely do not suggest you follow this plan. If you are looking for a half marathon (or any distance) plan, check out Runner's World or the Running Room.

Distances in kilometers

I'm a bit worried about staying on track once my first race is done, especially since I will be going back to work in between the 2 races. I think having a race so soon will keep me motivated though and force me to be organized.

So to back track a bit, my training didn't get "too" derailed by the holidays. I may not have gotten all my runs in on the originally scheduled days but I have made them all up.

Unfortunately, hill training has taken a back seat this training session. I did 3 hills with the group, and then 8 hills! The in-between distances I did on the treadmill but it isn't the same! Thankfully a good friend I hadn't seen in awhile ran all 8 hills with me last week so they flew by as we caught up on each other's lives. Hill training should be done with a group!!

I've also been having a hard time getting up early to meet the group for long runs on Sundays. This past Sunday we were scheduled to run a "short, but tough" 12K route. I had everything laid out for myself, hubby AND baby so that in the morning we just had to eat, get dressed and head out. Audrey had a rough night though, so when my alarm clock went off at 7:15am I was way too tired to get out of bed. Plus Audrey was still sleeping when we were supposed to leave and I didn't have the heart, or energy, to wake her up!

We did make up the run at Nose Hill Park, which I mentioned the other day. Honestly, I was quite annoyed to have missed the group run. It messed up the day to run in the afternoon and we were rushed for our dinner plans.

The biggest lesson I have learned as a running mother is that I need to be flexible. Sometimes things come up and I just need to not sweat it. My body needed to sleep more than it needed to run with the group. The important thing is that I found another time to run, with my two favourite running partners.


  1. My worst habit as a runner? Not doing hills. BUT I do live in a pretty hilly of town, so every run I hit one or two big ones. Looking forward to this race!

  2. Hills are one thing I HAVE gotten good at! Despite ignoring them and only (painfully) experiencing them during long runs where I ran across bridges etc. Speed work/tempo runs are my struggle. I don't know how to pace at a goal pace. I feel like I'm always all over the place!!!


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