Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Run for L'Arche: Training Recap #1

So how's my training going so far? Despite the nasty winter weather we have been experiencing, I have been getting my runs and workouts in.

Training schedule

Sunday 13th: 18K long run. Felt pretty good despite the blowing snow and uncleared pathways in some sections.

Monday 14th: I rested.

Tuesday 15th: I did my speed training on the treadmill since it was Hubby's night to run with the group. It wasn't the greatest run since I attempted to do it while Audrey was awake and she only tolerates the exersaucer for so long. It was a broken up workout while I tended to Audrey every 10 or so minutes before I finally just waited until she was napping to finish the workout. Fall while running.

Wednesday 16th: I ran 5.5K with the group in some pretty cold, nasty weather. After a couple warm days (meaning snow melted), we had another cold snap so a lot of the sidewalks were sheer ice. Too many people don't clear their sidewalks and I ended up falling. I was ok but definitely a bit sore for a couple days. Learned my lesson- wear my shoe grips!

Thursday 17th: I did my first strength training session in a long time! I decided to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred since it's a quick 20 minute workout and a good way to ease back into strength training.

Friday 18th: 30 Day Shred. Supposed to be a rest day but I decided I had no excuse to not do a 20 minute workout.

Saturday 19th: 30 Day Shred again! I was definitely feeling the previous days workouts but the burn felt sooo good. I forgot that feeling!

Sunday 20th: Schedule called for 18K. I opted to only do 10K since it was -18C outside (-24 with windchill) and Audrey only tolerates the Chariot for about an hour. Our running group "road tripped" to Eau Claire and we ran along the river. It was very cold out and my water bottles froze again. On the cold days I need to wear my other jacket so I can have my water bottles underneath in hopes that they don't freeze up as quickly. Oh the challenges of winter running!

I also couldn't find my fleece neck warmer so my face was so cold during this run. If this cold snap continues I'm going to have to purchase another. Thankfully my hands stayed toasty warm thanks to my hand warmers!

Audrey refuelling post-run

Overall I am very pleased with my training this week. While my long run was shorter than scheduled, I feel confident in my training since I have done all the other longs runs, plus we have a 20K coming up this weekend! Fingers crossed for warmer weather, shovelled sidewalks and cooperative running companions!


  1. Yikes, good for you for running in -18 weather! Hope you are feeling better after your fall!

  2. Looks like you had a great week of workouts! Glad you are okay after your fall :)

  3. Good for you for getting all of those workouts in! That's awesome!


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