Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Run for L'Arche: Training Recap #2 & Tips for training with a baby

Another success training week!

Here is a recap of last week's training.

Monday 21: Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred done!

Tuesday 22: Another icy & cold run with the running group. Thankfully I remembered my trusty shoe grips so I didn't fall! Learned my lesson the previous week.

Wednesday 23: 30 minutes/5K on the treadmill

Thursday 24th: Another date with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. This time I upped my weights from soup cans to albs! Getting stronger!

Friday 25: Same as previous day.

Saturday 26: I managed to convince Hubby to do the 30 Day Shred workout with me! He normally does not like workout videos but even he couldn't say no to a 20 minute workout! He gave me lots of tips- unsolicited I might add!

Sunday 27: A tough 20K run with running group. I almost bailed but hubby convinced me to get out of bed for at least 10K. Well by the time I reached the 5K turn around point I felt pretty good and since I was out there I might as well finish the run! Around 15K my left knee started to feel achy and by the end I knew my IT band was very unhappy with me. I've been rolling it, stretching lots, rubbing arnica on it and icing to help it get better. No injuries 2 weeks from race day #1 please!


I thought I would share some tips for training with a baby that I have learned over the last 11 months.

Tips for Training with a Baby

1. You just had a baby! Don't expect your body to be able to do what you did pre-baby right away! With time and training it will come back but alter your expectations initially so you aren't disappointed with your slower time/lighter weights/increased fatigue etc.

2. Sleep and nutrition are incredibly important! Whether you are breastfeeding or not, you need to make sure you are eating properly to fuel your body. Make sure you are taking in enough calories (the good kind!) so you aren't depriving your body of nutrients. Fainting while working out isn't fun! Personally I felt ready to workout physically only 2-3 weeks after having Audrey, but I was far too exhausted to workout so sleep was more important for me at that point. By 6 weeks I was ready to workout and run again. Your recovery after a big race-- you need to recover after having a baby! Listen to your body.

3. Find a time that works for you and make working out a routine. Maybe you are able to workout while your baby watches beside you (mine never tolerated that!). Can you run with your baby? Or workout when your partner is home to entertain the baby so you won't get interrupted 10,000 times! In the spring & summer we were able to bring Audrey running with us 3x a week-- she usually slept in the Chariot or was pretty content taking in the scenery. Now that it's winter, hubby and I take turns running in the evenings with our running group since it's too cold, dark and close to bed time for Audrey to be out at night. I also run on the treadmill or do weights while she has her morning nap. Find a routine that works for you and your family.

4. Accept that baby comes first and you have to be flexible with your workout routine. Sometimes baby wakes up before you are done your workout, or hubby doesn't get home in time for you to meet your running group or baby had a bad night and there is no way you have the energy to do your long run after 3 hours of sleep. Being flexible is the only way to train successfully with a baby. As a person who likes schedules and consistency this has been hard for me but either I learned to go with the flow or I'd constantly be upset about a missed workout. Some things are just out of your control and you have to learn to accept it.

5. Find a support system to help you be successful training with a baby. I'm very lucky that I have a supportive hubby who not only runs as well but recognizes how important running and working out is to me. Usually he pushes Audrey when we run together since it's easier for him. Often when I had to push Audrey my running friends would take turns pushing so it wasn't so difficult for me. We have family who are willing to watch Audrey when running with her isn't possible (long runs or races that don't allow strollers). We have running buddies who also bring their babies along for runs. Do you have access to a gym with childcare? Maybe you can take turns with other friends who have children to get your runs in- you run while he/she watches the babies and then when he/she is done, they go for their run while you watch the babies.

Training with a baby is possible- it just involves a lot of preparation ahead of time.

Do you have any tips for training with a baby?


  1. I can never get J to do workout videos with me unless it's Asylum or Insanity. :( He likes to watch me though!! ha ha then comment on how hard they look! brat

  2. My crossfit gym has casual child care at 10am so I would always try to hit that class, but if not I'd hope Layne was home in time for me to go to the evening class. There were a few days last week I missed and I was bummed about it but there's not much you can do when you're having a rough day with babe.

    Now laynes schedule changed so I can go to the gym alone in the morning. Come spring I will start running after the gym too if time allows even though I feel a bit guilty leaving him with Liam so much.

  3. haha - I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who has a baby that does not tolerate sitting and watching while I work out. Not a chance here! But he does like being in the chariot (well last summer - haven't had him out in awhile).

  4. This reminds me that I really have to go back to running and working out.



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