Friday, January 11, 2013

~Three Things Friday~

1.  So I tried my new Mizunos on the treadmill yesterday for 20 minutes and they felt great! I'm going to do a few more runs in them-- some a little bit longer just to make sure they are fitting well and I'm not getting any pain anywhere.

Yes, that is sweat on the treadmill!

2.  I had to buy another baby gate yesterday (don't worry- this is a "necessary" purchase! But if you really want to debate with me I used gift cards to pay for it :P) because someone thinks climbing the stairs after the cat is SO MUCH FUN! Ugh! I was really hoping to avoid putting a gate there but safety comes first.

Milo isn't so impressed with her climbing skills either.

Not anymore!!

3. Kijiji- I love and hate you! I posted a few items the other day as I'm trying to clean out the basement. I put an ad up for my old leather office chair. It had a few scratched on it from the cat and it was a bit worn so I just wanted to get rid of it. Well, I got no less than 10 inquiries on this thing. The first person that contacted me said he would pick it up that night (Wednesday) but ended up standing me up twice!! Thankfully I had a few other people interested lined up so now the chair is gone! Sure was a lot of work for $10 though! I hope I get a few more bites on the other items I have posted- I really want to clear out my basement (and line my pockets!).


  1. Glad to hear the shoes are working out so far :) I can't believe A is already climbing the stairs...where has time gone?

  2. Ugh. I sympathize with the kijiji struggles. I hate how unreliable people can be

  3. I love those shoes!! Glad they are working. She is do cute climbing the stairs!! :) I also love hate kijiji. Can be great, canbe a major pain!! Stay warm!!

  4. i love those shoes!! they are so fun!


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