Wednesday, January 9, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

*** Seriously, did no one catch that I'm losing my mind and thought today was Thursday, not Wednesday? (See title) OMG! 

1. I cheated a bit on my No- Spend January :/ I bought new running shoes.
Now hear me out-- this could be considered a "necessary" purchase. My current pair of running shoes have 450km on them; I've worn them almost exclusively for almost 2 half marathon training sessions. They are getting worn out but not toast yet. That being said, I need to break in a new pair before these ones are trash right?
Also, I've decided to try out a different shoe. I normally wear Asics Kayano-- stability shoe with a fair amount of cushioning. They run $200 regularly. I'm trying some Mizuno Wave Elixirs that are a stability shoe but have less cushioning so they are only $155. I need to try them out on the treadmill and break them in carefully to prevent injury. Probably a good idea now that I am a month away from race day!
Thirdly, I had a $50 gift certificate and I had my 10% clinic discount that I needed to use before the end of January. So really this purchase saved me $100! So fingers crossed these shoes work out!
Fourthly, I haven't bought a new pair of running shoes since early 2011(I bought my current pair on major sale so held onto them until I needed them) so I was kinda due for a new pair.

Forgive me?

Aren't they pretty? :)

2. Finally, all the signing with Audrey has paid off! She is consistently signing for "more" when eating.  She laughs and squeals while doing it-- it's so cute. It's only taken 5 months of signing constantly to her when eating for her to sign back. We do sign a few other things- bath, milk, cat, eat, thirsty, and all done, so hopefully she will start signing back.

She's not actually signing in this picture

3. Audrey has started swimming lessons- she is in the first level, Starfish. After spending time in the pool in Phoenix I knew she would have no problem in the water. It's a lot of singing songs about the water, and playing so the babies are comfortable. I was a bit surprised that they encouraged us to "blow in their face and then dunk them under the water" at the first class but Audrey had no problems. Most times she held her breath.

I was a bit nervous about the idea of getting her and I ready at the pool but when I walked in I saw these awesome baby-containing contraptions-- genius idea!!

I kinda want one of these installed in my bathroom!!


  1. nice! Where at? We did swimming lessons through the city of calgary at the southland pool and they didn't have anything like that!

    Also: I want to start running in the spring. I used to hate running because I had a bad knee but I've been hearing about people who used to hate running who love it now. Could I be one of them? Do I need hard core running shoes to start or can my normal but fairly old gym shoes work fine?

  2. I forgive you. :) They are SO pretty!! Awe I love that she signs. I hope to teach my future kids signs.. Cruz never caught on. ;) YAY for swim lessons. Those seats are genuis! Where did you go?

  3. Those are some sweet kicks :) Love the colours, and they're definitely a necessity! Also, I love Audrey's necklace! Super cute!

  4. You are forgiven because the shoes are so pretty! I actually need to go buy some now that I've signed up for the marathon (eek!!!). Thinking about trying out a different shoe or brand (I wear Asics). That's cool that Audrey is picking up on the signing. Pretty talented she is!

  5. Your kid is SO CUTE. OMG. I used to teach swimming lessons and the earlier you start dunking your kid the better!!! You would not believe the 11 and 12 year old kids I would see (some almost bigger than me) who were TERRIFIED to put their face in the water!!

  6. We do swimming at the Y in Shawnessy. I have never seen those seats - they look awesome. But I always change in women's locker room. Maybe they are in the family one? Will have to check!


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