Tuesday, February 5, 2013

~January Photo-a-Day Challenge Week 4~ catch up

I fell behind in taking pictures for January's photo-a-day challenge. Oops!
It just became another thing on my never ending to do list...

21. read
Next read for book club

22. where I sleep
My comfy bed

23. object
I get a kick out of Siri!

24. breakfast
My breakfast

25. smile

So hard to catch this girl smiling on camera
Hence the blurry shot!

26. big
She is getting so big!
Note the blackberry in her back pocket...

27. looking up
Night after the full moon

28. beautiful

Of course I think she is the most beautiful baby ever!

29. under

Fits perfectly under the table

30. sign
Attacking the Cora sign when we went out for brunch
(She doesn't normally wear pjs out
except on early Sunday mornings runs)

31. a number
Code on a mango


  1. I love the wall vinyl in your room!!

  2. I love your bedspread and that tree on the wall!!


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