Thursday, February 28, 2013

Run for L'Arche: Training Recap #6

This was not the best training week for me. I was overwhelmed by first birthday party preparations so unfortunately my workouts suffered. Just need to pick myself back up and get back at it as we only have 4 short weeks to go till race day!

Monday 18th: 5K run with the family

Tuesday 19th: 5K tempo run with my running group. Finally made it to a clinic night!

Wednesday 20th: 4K on the treadmill

Thursday 21st: 30 Day Shred Level 2

Friday 22nd: I almost skipped my 30 Day Shred workout since I was busy baking away. I managed to find the time, however Audrey was awake and she quite entertained by my huffing and puffing! Every time I would do a plank move she would crawl under me which made it a bit difficult to actually complete the move! Every time I did abs she would crawl on top of me and start patting my tummy! I kind of felt like I had my own personal Jillian Michaels pushing me through the workout!

Also my new shoes arrived! I ordered another pair of Asics Kayanos since my previous ones are done and I don't want to wear the Mizuno Elixor Waves for my long runs.

Love the note that came with my shoes!

Saturday 23rd: I didn't do a workout this day as I was again busy prepping for the birthday party. Unless you include 10 pin bowling with my running group as a workout? I did have a sore glute the next day so I think I pulled something trying to do some fancy bowling moves!

Sunday 24th: I missed my 14K long run and didn't make it up. The morning was spent cleaning, decorating and getting ready for the birthday party. After the party I did not have the energy to lace up my shoes.

There is no way I can miss my next 3 long runs before the race!

It was a challenging week but I am committed to getting all my runs in between now and the race. I am not letting anything else get in the way.


  1. Audrey is like Cruz when I workout, crawling under me, kissing me when I am doing abs...! Sounds like a good week despite being a busy mom!!

  2. Your daughter sounds so cute! How did the birthday party go?

  3. Good for you for getting some runs in at least this week! Haha Harley tends to do that when I do planks or abs.

  4. Yay new shoes! I need to get on that!


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