Thursday, February 21, 2013

~Slowly Going Crazy~

How is it possible to love & hate something at the same time?



First birthday party planning. 

Once minute I am having fun and the next I'm burning myself on the glue gun, spilling glitter everywhere, or cutting wrong.

I actually told my hubby to never let me craft again! Ha!

I borrow get all these great ideas but when I try to do them either I can't find the materials or it goes horribly wrong! You would have thought I learned my lesson after planning my best friend's bridal shower in the summer. I actually think I promised myself after that event that I wouldn't go overboard for Audrey's first birthday.

I broke that promise about a million stars ago.

Just a fraction of the stars

Tomorrow the cake & cupcake experiment baking begins. I've called the Fire Station to warn them. I sure hope I haven't gotten in over my head. Maybe I should order a back-up cake just in case.

This better be worth it! I sure hope Audrey appreciates all my blood, swearing and tears over this party! Oh right- she doesn't care!

After Sunday, I'm taking a big, long crafting break! Good thing I won't have any spare time ever again to tempt me.


  1. Awe I love all the stars! I can't wait to see the final product. It will be great and just remember - one one knows your vision so it will all look great to them! :)

  2. It's going to look amazing...and all she will want to do is play with a balloon. But your pictures will be awesome and that is what she'll "remember" later.

    I remember for the twins first birthday, I was up until 2am decorating sesame street monster cupcakes...which they promptly refused to eat because they weren't used to having sweets. especially not red, blue and green ones...

    On their third- I bought a helium balloon kit from costco and blew up 50+ balloons for the house and yard and then piped icing onto 2 bite brownies to make Pseudo cupcakes...and they went over the moon for the party with the least work involved. Totally taking that as a lesson for future years.

    But DAMN those sesame street cupcakes were cute.

  3. Don't worry, it will all turn out :) Plus, you will have many more birthdays after this one to perfect your crafting skills :)


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