Thursday, March 21, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Happy Birthday to my hubby!!

Can't believe it's been a whole year since this picture was taken!

2. Dear first year molars, please hurry up and come through. You are driving us all crazy! I want my happy baby back. The recliner glider has saved me yet another night this past year. It's still our #1 best nursery purchase hands down.

Audrey and I could be models for this chair!
Another long night
She wasn't a fan of the chair that day!
3. Dear weather, please cooperate for my race this weekend. I really don't want to brave 21.1K in the wind, snow and cold. It is spring after all!


  1. #*&*&%# molars! I was up til 3am last night :-( Max is getting all four at once :-(

    I hope the weather is good for your half! The weather is still sucking here in Ottawa. Where is the spring?!

  2. I hope Sat isn't like today!! yuck. Happy Birthday J!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to J!

    I will admit that I rarely use my recliner anymore, but never had any regrets about buying it. It got good use when both my kids were babies.

  4. Goo luck with your race - hopefully the weather will clear out by then - it's pretty miserable outside today.

  5. I'm sitting in my same recliner now! Love it. Although we don't fit as well as we did a year ago ;-)

    Hope the weather cooperates for you. Supposed to get nicer on weekend. Skye's photos are Monday so I hope there is a bit if sunshine.


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