Monday, March 11, 2013

~What I did this weekend~

Since I'm a working girl now and back to living for the weekends, I'll be posting about these precious 2, sometimes 3 days on a regular basis.

Friday: Hubby made dinner which was a nice break. I have been making dinner most nights since I am home earlier. After dinner we went for a family walk in the neighborhood. We had a parenting fail as we thought it was warmer out and didn't dress ourselves appropriately. I ended up having to give Audrey my gloves since her poor hands were so cold. She thought my floppy gloves were the coolest thing ever! I wish I had brought my phone or the camera since it was quite the sight.
Spent the rest of the evening vegging on the couch while I got a head start on laundry. It sure piles up when you aren't tackling it throughout the week.

Saturday: hubby let me sleep in so I felt human again when I woke up for the day. I got a run in on the treadmill and then Audrey and I ventured to the mall to exchange my shoes for the next size up. Ugh how I hate the mall on the weekend. I much prefer online shopping.

Nice day for polka dots & flowers
The rest of the day consisted of chores, chillin' with the little one and catching up on How I Met Your Mother.

Sunday: I opted to do my long run on the treadmill after I slept in. Time change is just evil regularly, but with a baby it's torture. I vote we abolish the time change and add an extra 5 hours to the day. Anyone else with me?

It was another boring day of relaxing, chores and getting ready for the week. We went for another walk and this time dressed properly. We stopped at the playground so Audrey could go on the swings. She was more interested in watching the other kids playing around.

Hubby made a delicious rib and potatoes dinner which Audrey thoroughly enjoyed. She gnawed on that rib the entire meal. 

Mashed potatoes- true Irish girl

Nom nom
The work week has begun and I'm back to wishing it is Friday again!


  1. I LOVE your scarf and polka dots! That ribs and mashed potatoes it my fav meal! Such cute photos and sounds like a fabulous weekend. I wish it was Friday again too. Sad. At least the sun is out!!

  2. Those shoes are really cute.

    I think the only thing that's worse than the mall on a weekend is the grocery store on the weekend.


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