Friday, April 12, 2013

~Fartleks & Fashion~

Last night I did my first speed training run for this 10K training session.

0.75K warm up
3.5K Fartleks between street lights or other random signs
0.75K cool down
Total 5K

It was exhausting! Felt good to push myself and I was definitely bagged when I was done. It was fun to do something different. The street lights in my neighborhood are random so some spurts was really long and others were fairly short.

Guzzling water post fartleks
Anyone else laugh at the word fartlek? I can't keep a serious face!

Here are some of my latest work outfits. I used to make fun of people who take pictures of themselves in the bathroom and look who is doing it on a regular basis now!!

 Bubble necklace- Etsy
Lace shirt- H&M
Grey cardigan- Joe
Black pants- Jacob
Blush shoes- Winners
 I've had this bubble necklace for a few weeks but am having a hard time finding the right outfit to wear it with. I've been searching Pinterest and fashion blogs for ideas. It's definitely a statement piece and I received so many compliments when I wore it to work. I immediately took it off when I got home since Audrey was very intrigued by it!

Purple sweater- Banana Republic (old)
Striped skirt- Old Navy
Black tights
Scarf- gift from Turkey
Boots- Aldo 
 I was on the hunt for a striped skirt for awhile and finally found one at Old Navy. It's super long though so I couldn't decide if I was going to keep it or not. I can't wear it higher or else the fabric gapes and bunches at the waist. It's sooo comfortable though so I'm glad I decided to keep it. I think it will be great for summer and winter, casual and dressy.

Black blazer- Jacob (couple years old)
White polka dot shirt- Gap outlet
Purple jeans- Old Navy
Floral scarf- Old Navy
Nude flats- Old Navy
LOVE this outfit! I rarely wear this blazer- I probably should have bought it a size smaller but it really worked with this outfit. Normally I wear boots with my skinny jeans so I was a bit out of my comfort zone wearing the flats but I think it works. I enjoy all the colour in this scarf.
I wore this on Friday since we generally don't wear jeans on other days of the week.

Purple sweater- Gap
Multi colour dress- Gap
Necklace- Banana Republic outlet
Navy tights- Joe
Brown boots- Rack Room (US)
I actually wore this dress for Christmas. I wore a different cardigan though which I didn't quite like so I had been searching for a navy or purple one for awhile. I like the different neckline and how comfortable this dress is.  I had a hard time finding the right footwear for this outfit. The dress is quite short so I knew I wanted boots (plus it's still chilly out). I have a thing about wearing navy and black together so I wasn't sure about black boots. These brown boots work but I think they make the outfit a little more casual than I would like for the office. Maybe I need to get a pair of darker brown boots?

What's your favourite clothing store?
Is there a colour you gravitate towards?

So glad it's Friday! I have a chiro adjustment tonight and an hour long massage tomorrow! So needed!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I do like Old Navy for some of the basics - but I like RW and Co for more dressy clothes

    I gravitate towards dark purple and green!

    I love that striped skirt!

  2. I used to love Banana Republic for work clothes but now have a hard time finding pants that fit there properly. I'm trying to expand my shopping places lately too. I have been loving Forever 21 for necklaces and stuff since they are cheap and I don't wear them a ton.
    I always gravitate towards dark colours but I definitely need to brighten up my wardrobe. I need to shop with someone who will push me a little 

  3. LOVE all these oufits. The bubble necklace looks great, I love it on plain tees right now! Cute purple pants with the flats!! Lookin' good for sure!! Oh I think the striped skirt is great on you as well as the blazer!!

  4. What the heck is a fartlek??


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