Friday, April 19, 2013

~Haute Fashion~

Hallelujah the weekend is upon us!

To celebrate, I will share more bathroom photos with you all!

Stripes & Jeans
Striped sweater- Old Navy
Jeans- Silver
Cream scarf- ?
Nude flats- Old Navy
Another casual Friday office outfit. I'm still loving the stripes with the pop of colour on the shoulders. 

Polka dot rubber boots- Costco
 Necessary footwear on slushy days. What I wear TO & FROM work.

 Lace and Basics
Blue cardigan- H&M
Grey dress pants- Jacob
Black lace shirt- Winners
Necklace- Banana Republic Outlet
Black pumps- Nine West
Basic office attire. The lace shirt adds some fun but overall it's pretty safe and bo-ring!

Winter Green
Navy Cardigan- Old Navy
White rosette shirt- Joe
Green skirt- Joe
Nude pumps- Nine West
The green skirt makes a final appearance before it's packed away for spring. It might not be done snowing around here but I'm ready for some spring colours and fabrics! 

Bright & Businessy
Hounds tooth dress- Jacob
Fuchsia cardigan- Joe
Bubble Necklace- Etsy
Black pumps- Nine West
 Love the brightness this sweater and necklace brings to this outfit. I can't believe the compliments I get on this necklace.

Coral & Floral
Tan cardigan- Old Navy
Coral floral shirt- Old Navy
Black pants- Jacob
Braided belt- H&M
Pumps- Nine West
I really like how this outfit looks from the front view. The side view makes it look like I am hiding a bump, which I am not! Last time I wore this shirt I found I had to adjust it all the time because the keyhole kept showing too much cleavage. This time I wore a different tank top underneath that fit better and I didn't have that problem.

Bold & Fruity (those are apples on the shirt)

Green cardigan- Old Navy
Blue & Green shirt- Old Navy
Black skirt- Banana Republic
Necklace- Banana Republic
Blue belt- Old Navy
Black pumps- Nine West
Again, I like how this outfit looks from the front, but the flowy shirt, even with the belt, puckers a bit and creates a small bump. I'm sure the rumours are flying around the office! Haha!

Does your office have casual Fridays?
Is your office freezing like mine which I why I have to wear a cardigan or sweater with every outfit, even in the summer?


  1. I love the names you give all of your outfits! They're all super cute, I think my favorite is the "Bright and Businessy".
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Love all your outfits!!! Can't even choose my fav!! My office I keep hot! :) l get tons of compliments on my bubble necklaces too! So fun. Have a great weekend!

  3. Love all of your outfits! I have the same sweater from Old Navy (the cream and pink/orange one)and got lots of compliments on it when I wore it :)

  4. Love the outfits yet again!

    Can you dress me??? Just kidding (but not really...)

    I like how many of your pieces come from Old Navy!

  5. Nice outfits! You would certainly be the best dressed woman on our floor. I am a boring dresser, even by guy standards. On Friday I wear jeans, every other day, black pants. I have about 18 dress shirts of various colours and textures, and I rotate through them. Never a tie. No suit jacket. Sometimes I wear a sweater, sometimes over a shirt. I keep a grey sweater at work for cold days.

  6. Cute outfits! Always need a cardigan!

  7. those rain boots are so cute! and love the pink necklace/cardigan outfit!

  8. CUTE! You wear cardigans really well. I always find cardigans "hang" on me kind of weird so I prefer blazers. I have two cardigans I LOVE though that fit me well and those are my signature cardigans. They were hard to find though!

    How many times can I say 'cardigan' in one comment? Ha


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