Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Solo Run

This week seems to be dragging on.
Friday, where are you??

Last night, I ended up running by myself from home. Hubby was running a few minutes behind (like every night it seems) and there is nothing I hate more than being late so rather than show up late to my running clinic, I just decided to do a solo run, again. I'm really starting to get sick of them and miss the company of other runners but it's better than not running at all.

I headed out at 7:30pm while hubby was putting Audrey to bed. It was still pretty light out but the wind had picked up so it was chilly for the first kilometer. I'm really trying to push myself to run faster, since that's the only way to get faster. I can't remember my exact stats since I forgot to check my Garmin at the end but it went something like this:

1K- 6:17
2K- 6:34 (too slow!)
3K- 5:57 (there we go!)
4K- 5:55

To be honest, the last 2 K are quite downhill so that's part of the reason I was so much faster. There is a lot of uphill in the 1st 2K of the route I did. One of these days I am going to reverse the route and torture myself by running the steep hills first.

My instructor would have been happy with this tempo run as there is no way I could have chatted to anyone!
And no knee/IT or calf pain so another successful run.

I decided to change up this training plan and rather than run on Tuesday AND Wednesday, I am going to run on Tuesday, strength train on Wednesday and run on Thursday. This seems to work better with my schedule. I am going to attempt to do my workout tonight as soon as I get home so we shall see how well that works with Audrey crawling around or on me.

I found this finishing photo from Run for L'Arche. Such a great moment!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Nice job on the run! And your finishing shot is much better than mine, haha. Did you change the font on your blog?

  2. i feel like this week is dragging too!! and you make me excited to run after this baby comes!

  3. Awesome job on the run! I run solo all the time. I don't mind it, but sometimes it is nice to have people there to push you.


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