Thursday, April 11, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. Poor little muffin was sick yesterday :( The day home called to say she had a fever and needed to go home. Hubby picked her up and after some tylenol and a nap she was much better. We think she is teething, again. Last four teeth (until the evil 2 year molars)!

Well enough to play with Daddy's iPhone
(Yes, she is missing a shoe!)
2. I was able to get my strength workout in while Audrey napped yesterday. I came home early so that hubby could do some more work and took advantage of a napping baby (oh how I miss this about mat leave!) and did Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred. It was my first time doing this level and I think it's my favourite! I was starting to get sick of all the plank/push up moves in Level 2 so it was nice to move on to something different. It's definitely a step up in intensity and my muscles are sore today.

3. I am loving this age! Audrey is so interactive now. We went for a walk before dinner and stopped at the park so she could play. She enjoyed swinging with Daddy!


  1. Hope A is all better! Damn teeth!!! I love level 3 too, it goes by fast I find. She is for sure at a fu age, I loved when Emerson and Easter were that age - it only gets better!!

  2. Poor A. We are still waiting on the 2 year molars over here.I feel like Henry will start teething for a few days and then it goes away.Rinse and Repeat a few weeks later.I just want them to come out already!

    Also, that park looks super fun. We don't have swings like that in Chestermere.

  3. what the heck kind of swing is that?!!
    ps, you know the ones with the leg holes for toddlers? Yeah, firefighters had to cut me out of them...WHEN I WAS A TODDLER

  4. She is so adorable! I love all the fun hats she has, so cute!

  5. It just keeps getting more and more fun!

  6. Boooo sick :-(

    Toddlers are fun! The park is almost clear of snow - but we are supposed to get 10-20 cm's tomorrow :-(


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