Thursday, April 18, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

Random iPhone pictures version

To buy or not to buy?
I've been debating on whether or not to buy a Roomba. We have a Dyson which I LOVE but it would be oh-so-nice to have a device do all the work for me. The cat sheds like crazy and now that I am back at work I don't have the time or energy to sweep/vacuum up after him every night.

My main concern is that I would have to move all of our chairs (table and bar stools) each night to make room for the Roomba.

Anybody have any comments on these? Yah or nay? Are they more of a pain then they are worth?

"My Auntie Rocks"
Yes, all your Aunties do rock, you lucky girl!
Unfortunately now that I am back at work, I don't take nearly as many pictures of Audrey as I would like. Plus, most of the ones I do take are blurry since she never sits still! I managed to snap a serious picture of her before she continued with her busy antics.

Whoa sign
The Garden Show on the weekend was held at Spruce Meadows, which is a world renowned International show jumping facility. As we were leaving the parking lots, I spotted this "whoa" sign. Seeing as I was raised on a horse farm, I just had to take a picture. 

In case you didn't catch the reference, "whoa" is what you say to make a horse stop.

Have you seen any weird or funny signs lately?
Are there any household gadgets you are dreaming about? 


  1. I really want a Roomba too. The only thing is I saw a YouTube video where the dog pooped on the floor and the Roomba ended up smearing it everywhere....hahaha! I also really want a Vitamix

  2. "There's a robot vacuum, livin in my house"
    That is one catchy tune, and I will now be singing the robot vacuum song for the rest of the day!

  3. Whit swears by her Roomba! I want one SO bad!!! It's on my wish list!!! LOVE the whoa! ha ha And of course A looks cute as ever!!

  4. My parents have a Roomba. They love it! Your daughter has the most beautiful eyes! Adorable!!!

  5. My aunt, in law, has a Roomba and they swear by it! They have 4 kids and a golden retriever and think it's the best invention ever.

  6. I don't have a Roomba, but heard that they suck up cords. So watch out for that! Love the picture of A :)


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