Thursday, April 25, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. So far things are going well with Audrey's new day home. Yes, 2nd day home in 6 weeks. Things did not work out with the first place so after a quick and stressful search we found a new day home that seems to be MUCH better.

2. Somebody got a new pair of shoes on the weekend! Baby TOMS are the cutest!

Note the photo bombing cat in the background- sitting on the counter! Some battles just aren't worth fighting after a long day. 

3. I decided to order a running skirt from Lululemon (even though I said I wasn't going to buy any more Lulu until SeaWheeze). I had ordered a skirt around the time I got pregnant but returned it because I figured I wouldn't get use out of it or something? I should have just kept it since I really wanted one last summer but I couldn't find one I liked. 

Run: Pace Setter Skirt
Mine is black 
Now I just need the weather to get nice so I can wear it outside! 

I also ordered a Power Y tank- mint with white polka dots! I have a couple that are a few years old and I love them. This one is different though- longer and thinner material. It does state that in the description and after reading the reviews people are not impressed with this shirt since it is quite see-through, especially with some of the lighter colours. I'm undecided on if I will keep it or not. It's not horrible but it is sort of disappointing for the price. I might exchange it for the regular one which will hopefully not be see-through!

Power Y Tank *Luon light
You can't see the polka dots


  1. I didn't know you switch day home! Where is the new one? What happened? Glad this one is better! Maybe when I am home you should just drop her off with me! ;) I have the same skirt! LOVE it, although it may not fit right now. ;( I may need to get a new tank top. I have been good about not going on the site!! CUTE baby Toms! ah!!

  2. Oh no, what happened with the first day home? Glad that everything is working out with this home though. I have two of those skirts and like them alot!

  3. I love my running skirts. I didn't think I would at first but then found them super comfy.
    Hopefully this dayhome works out better.

  4. I was going to ask if that cat was real or not! It looks like a statue :)

  5. I emailed you this afternoon about how you went about finding a day home before I saw this post. What happened?

  6. I'm pretty sure I'm done with lululemon. Their clothing is getting more and more low quality in my opinion. I'm extremely frustrated right now over a huge rip in the seam of a pair of running tights that are only a year old (and that I only wear in the spring/fall). We just got a 'One Tooth' in our mall here and their clothing is made in Canada, seems comparable to lulu and is also cheaper so I'm going to try some of their stuff out. Only thing is they don't have a lot of running specific pieces but my Nike running capri's that I've had for THREE years are in better shape than my one year old lulu's. GRUMBLE.

    I just totally went off in your comment box. lol. anyways, happy friday and the cat photobomb is SO FUNNY! I'm glad you pointed him out or I wouldn't have noticed him!

  7. Baby TOMS - AHHHH! So cute! Love that skirt. Glad things are going better with this new day home!

  8. Love baby toms!

    Glad things are working out with the home daycare!


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