Monday, April 8, 2013

~What I did this weekend~

Hello again winter! Thanks for visiting us this past weekend. Don't overstay your welcome. Leave now!

Friday it was girls night at our house as hubby was playing basketball with some friends for the evening. We just hung out and played all evening until bedtime. A pretty chill night which is exactly what I needed.

Saturday I got to sleep in which was amazing! I am so happy that my hubby is an early riser and doesn't mind getting up early with Audrey so I can catch up on my Zzzzzzs. Since it was snowing and a dreary day, we all decided to go to the mall so I could return some things and do some shopping. The rest of the city had this idea too. I obviously didn't learn anything from last weekend.

We were on the hunt for new walking shoes for Audrey- she's taking more steps each day, but came up empty handed, errr empty footed. She has fairly small feet and I am pretty picky about what they look like. I guess I'll be looking online to get her some shoes since I don't have time to traipse all over town.

I'm thinking these are pretty cute and have great ratings for a beginning walker.

Pediped Betty Light Pink
We ended up going out for dinner since hubby realized he forgot to pick up an important ingredient for dinner. I really had a craving for sushi and we have a pretty good restaurant close by that we went to. Audrey wasn't a huge fan of the "sticky" rice- she kept trying to fling it off her fingers. We brought a few things for her to eat which is good since she wasn't all that interested in the non-raw options we had ordered. Next time we will get a meat dish for her since she is a carnivore!

Chowing down on apple like a big girl

After dinner and Audrey was in bed, I did a 30 Day Shred workout. I upped my weights so my chest is pretty sore now! Good sore!

Sunday we got ready to go to Run Club. It seems I can only make it out of bed on early on Sundays when the weather is awful. Our instructor had messaged us all to warn us of the freezing drizzle and to bring our shoe grippers. We were slipping and sliding on the driveway and the road so we knew we were in for some fun running conditions.
It wasn't that cold, but it was icy
The shoe grippers actually made a huge difference. Hubby bought a pair before we started the run. Those that didn't have any extra traction were slipping all over the place but I don't think I slipped once, at least not significantly.

I pushed Audrey in the Chariot for our 9K run since hubby was doing 16K. He is training for the Calgary Centaur Half Marathon that is the same day as my 10K in May.
My view- snow covered Chariot
and snowy, icy pathways
My knee and calf behaved on this run which makes me happy. Running with the Chariot didn't seem as hard as usually but we did walk some of the hills.

Afterwards we all met up at Tim's to warm up.

In the afternoon, Audrey and hubby napped while I did chores. Oh the excitement! The rest of the day was pretty uneventful other than it continued to snow more. Just when I was wondering if I should put my boots away, Mother Nature reminds me to never put my coat and boots away, ever!


  1. Boo to the freezing drizzle! That 19 degree day we had last week made me sure spring was here to stay. I should know better!

  2. I HATE this snow. I am so over it!! Nice work on the run! Yum sushi!!! I love it. Any new buys at the mall? :)

  3. Mother Nature is being very rude to us!!!

  4. Sounds like a nice weekend! How does Audrey do in the running stroller now that she's getting older? Is she content to just hang out in there? I can't believe you guys had such a snowy and icky run in APRIL! Ugh!

  5. how fun to have a girls night!! and that weather does not sound like running outside weather to me!!!

  6. You guys are brave to run on Sunday! Saturday wasn't too bad. And glad that your knee and calf behaved :)

  7. I walk almost all the hills with the chariot. Chariot hills suck :-(

    Sounds like a good weekend!


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