Friday, May 3, 2013

~Haute Fashion~

I'm so excited it's Friday! This week has flown by but I am ready for a sleep-in tomorrow. The weather looks promising so I hope we can spend lots of time outside.

Flowy & Floral
Floral shirt- Winners
Black cardigan- Old Navy
Jeans- Mavi
Necklace- Banana Republic (barely see it)
Black flats- Aldo
 I saw this shirt and HAD to have it. I'm not sure the whole flowy shirt thing is right for me though but I just love this shirt.

Rocking the Chevron, again
Chevron Dress & belt- Hope's
Navy cardigan- Old Navy
Brown boots- Rack Room
Pearls- gift
 Based on a previous experience with chevron, I really shouldn't like this pattern. You know those road signs that mark boulevards and medians? When I was in University some a$$ in a big truck drove me off the road and I hit one of those signs, pulled it out of the ground and dragged it a few feet. It cost $5000 worth of damage to my car but since we could never find the person that drove me off road, it was considered my fault. I wasn't hurt but was traumatized and pi$$ed that I was being punished for following the rules of the road. A few weeks later, I got a bill in the mail from the City for $100 for the sign to be replaced. Thanks! I've never been able to look at chevron signs the same way again and I always point out the sign I "paid" for when we drive by it.

The yellow sign on the left
Roses are Fuchsia
Black cardigan- Jacob
Fuchsia shirt- Joe
Grey skirt- United Colors of Benetton
Black pumps- Nine West
 I was originally going to wear this outfit sans sweater but then it snowed (wtf?) so I chose warmth. Thanks for never ending winter.

I'll cowl you later
Grey & white cowl shirt- Banana Republic
Green cardigan- Old Navy
Black pants- Jacob
Black heels- Nine West
Bracelet- Pandora
I've had this shirt for years but rarely wear it. The cowl neck is odd to me. I think I would wear this shirt more if the neckline was different.

Burst of Floral
Shirt, cardigan & scarf- Old Navy
Skirt- Banana Republic
Black Pumps- Nine West
I kind of feel weird wearing black and yellow together- a little bee-like. I'm glad I decided to wear the scarf last minute to tie the outfit together and make me look less like a bee. 

Hopefully soon it will be warm enough for me to wear sandals! I'm getting sick of my pumps. Shoe shopping might be in order.

I pulled out a bunch of summer stuff since I am frankly quite sick of my winter clothes. I think I have some more shopping to do! Oh darn!

Have you ever hit an inanimate object with your car? Or been in any sort of car accident?

What's your favourite store to buy shoes?


  1. I love that floral shirt and chevron dress!! Great finds!!!
    We have been getting some awesome weather finally too!! I hope you enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Love all of your outfits! I actually backed into a big dumpster in high school causing a huge dent in my car. I still have no idea how I missed it!

  3. LOVE your outfits! I love that top floral short, good find! I also adore that Hopes dress on you!!! That sucks about the chevron sign!! ha ha Bad memory! I buy shoes everywhere - I like urbanog for boots, I actually like payless.

  4. Your friday outfit posts make me want to overhaul my work wardrobe...

    Right at the end of High School, I was driving my little car home from a store and I felt something fall onto my lap. Instead of pulling over to find it - I hunted while in motion (talk about distracted driving). When I looked up again, my car had driven up the curb to someones driveway and I was on a collision course with an ancient, giant tree. Hit it dead centre, killing the car and destroying my right eye. I was essentially blind for 3 weeks and I lost over 25% of my vision in my right eye. Later, a paramedic told me that if I had hit it 1 foot over to the drivers side - it would have killed me instantly. Eeep.

  5. Love the floral top! I need to find some summer work tops that are a tad less fitted.
    When I was learning to drive my Grandma took me out and I was doing great, so we ended the drive and pulled into her driveway and instead of hitting the brake I hit the gas and went right through her garage door!
    Love Winners for shoes!

  6. That chevron dress is absolutely adorable on you! Sorry is brings back bad memories! I also love your scarf in the last outfit. Super cute outfits!!

  7. Your story is funny! But not funny because of the accident or the $$, but more for the chevron print aspect, haha.

    I was driving to school one day my junior year of hs- the town is really tiny and the roads were narrow. I side swiped a parked car and blasted off both their AND my rear view mirror. But I had no idea I did it because I had my music playing so loud. Lucky for me being in a small town, there was a caravan of about 6 people (since we all lived on the same street) and they all witnessed it. I told my dad someone hit it with a baseball bat (but confessed about 7 years later)

  8. Oh goodness - I want your wardrobe so badly. ;-)

  9. love the floral top! and that chevron dress is so cute! i love clearance target shoes! :)

  10. As usual - I love all your outfits! You can pull off cardigans way better than I for sure!


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