Friday, May 24, 2013

~Haute Fashion~

And the rain keeps coming! The upside is that I get to wear my cute rain boots in an attempt to stay dry.

Plus it's Friday!! Can't be sad about that!

Hubby is hosting a company BBQ at our house tonight- looks like we will all be stuck inside. Oh well- it could be snow! Oh wait- it was snowing in the mountains yesterday!

So what did I wear this dreary week? Bright colours, of course!

Navy & Coral
Dress- Gap
Navy Sweater- Gap
Tan Wedges- Franco Sarto
Bangle- Coach
For someone who only owned one navy item a few months ago, I sure am adding lots of navy to my wardrobe! Same goes for coral. Definitely the IT colours of the season. I adore the pattern of this dress and got many compliments on it.

Brown, Wide-legged, and Straight
Brown sweater- H&M
Coral shirt- Old Navy
Wide legged jeans- Sevens
Brown flats- Nine West
I forgot about these jeans so it was exciting to pull them out of the back of my closet! I have been on a skinny jean kick for awhile now so it was nice to change it up and wear something a bit different. You may also notice that my hair is straight- I rarely straighten it but I've been attempting to switch things up a bit.

Green sweater- Old Navy
Black cropped pants- Gap
Floral shirt- Winners
Nude pumps- Nine West
Do you ever put on an outfit and love it so much you want to wear it every single day? That's what this outfit does for me. It's comfortable, cute, and colourful. And hey, my hair is straight again!

Yellow sweater- Old Navy
Grey skirt- F21
Cream shirt- Joe
Tan Wedges- Franco Sarto
Earrings- Stella & Dot
My attempt at Kate's
Double Knotted Twist

Close up of my jewels
Another bright outfit to make up for the rainy, cloudy week we have been having. If the sun won't shine, then I will! I love these earrings but have a hard time finding the right outfit to wear them with since I have been wearing so much colour. I usually don't wear dangly earrings but I'm trying to break out of my comfort zone.

Audrey also wanted to contribute to today's post- she wanted to share her new rain coat! She insisted on wearing it in the house yesterday and got mad at me when I tried to take the hood down. Whatever kid! She also stood at the back door and kept shouting at me to "Go!" It was pouring outside but figured with our rain coats and rubber boots we would stay dry.

She loved being out in the rain!
She was fascinated by the falling rain drops, and the sound the cars made splashing in the puddles. She was not impressed when it was time to go back in! I'm pretty sure I have a tom boy on my hands!

Do you do your hair the same way every day?
How do you brighten your day when it's cold and rainy outside?


  1. GREAT outfits. I love them all. That top dress is so fun. And I am with ya on that outfit being great with the green and floral! So cute. Your kate hair is perfect!!! I love it. I need to try more updos!

  2. I love the J'Adore outfit

    My hair is always the same. I just can't curl it myself, never turns out right so it's always straight if its down or in a pony tail or sock bu. Boring!

  3. Love your hair. Sadly, yes and its back in a ponytail 99% of the time. I hate doing my hair and if its down that lasts all of a couple hours.
    I agree wearing bright clothes always helps to cheer me up on a dreary day!

  4. LOVE the outfits. You always look so good. I should get you to dress me.

    I have two main styles for my hair. Frumpy ponytail, or a bit of effort with a straightener.

  5. Love your outfits!! Especially that winners blouse! I know I've mentioned that before! I wear my hair up waaay to often! I need to change that up!!


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