Friday, May 31, 2013

~Haute Fashion~

Holy Friday already? Not that I'm complaining one bit!

Now if maybe the rain can just stop for a couple days so we can spend some time outside? K, thanks! Come on out, Mr. Sun!

Casual Meets Office
Black dress- Banana Republic
Blue & Cream Cardigan- Mexx
Belt- H&M
Wedges- Franco Sarto
I bought this dress a few years ago while in Florida. It is made of a jersey material and so very comfortable. It is a bit casual for the office but I saw on Putting Me Together (one of my favourite style blogs) a similar outfit and decided to give it a try. I opted to not wear the yellow cardigan like she did just because I wore it last week but I like that I could wear this dress a bunch of different ways because I have so many different cardigans and a few belts to mix it up with.

I tried to make a bow with the belt like below, and I did do it when I tried on the outfit a few days before I actually wore it but do you think I could recreate it? Nooooo!

Lilac & Striped
Black ruffle cardigan- Banana Republic
Striped skirt- Old Navy
Lilac shirt- Jacob
Black pumps- Nine West
Necklace- RW&Co
Skirt makes an appearance again! So comfy. I do find it rides up though (which is why it looks bunched up around my waist!) so I have to adjust it every now and then. Small waist/wide hips problems.

Spanish Flair
Skirt- bought in Spain
Oatmeal cardigan- Old Navy
Purple tank- Old Navy
Wedges- Franco Sarto
Ball necklace- RW&Co
I bought this skirt in Spain a few years ago. I don't wear it that often since I have a hard time finding the right top to pair it with. It's also a weird length- not too short (good) but feels a bit matronly? Anyway when I spotted this sweater in my closet I knew it would go perfectly.

Neon Bright
Grey cardigan- Jacob
Black shirt- Old Navy
Pink pants- Walmart
Scarf- Old Navy
Shoes- Old Navy
I've really jumped on the colour pant band wagon. Thanks to Alison for the tip on cute, yet cheap, coloured pants at Walmart. I wanted to buy every colour but restrained myself. These pants didn't look nearly as bright when I tried them on or wore them at on the weekend but they really stood out in the fluorescent lighting of my office. 

Perfect for a rainy, dreary day.

Pattern & Lace
Grey cardigan- Joe Fresh
Lace white shirt- H&M
Black cropped pants- Gap
Scarf- Old Navy
Black pumps- Nine West
Can you spot the lace? No, you can't. It's under the sweater. Bah! I planned to wear this shirt sans sweater but the cold got the best of me and I layered up.This scarf has the cutest animal print pattern, but in bright colours that compliment my wardrobe. I kind of love it!

Audrey was slacking this week and has nothing to contribute. She tried on the cutest shorts, sun hat and sandals that I ordered yesterday but of course I didn't have my camera around to snap a picture. Hopefully it will be nice enough this week so she can actually wear shorts!

Happy Weekend All!


  1. I really love the pink pants, what an awesome color!

  2. Those pink pants are awesome!

  3. I love all your outfits this week! I usually like them all but this week I realllllllly love them. Good job! I could never throw outfits together like that.

  4. Hot mama!!!! Love the colored pants!! Nice! And I adore the striped skirt look!! Great outfits! I love how you name them!! :)

  5. i love the belt like that! and that striped skirt is so cute!!!

  6. I LOVE your skirt from Spain and the colored jeans! Super cute outfits!

  7. Love those pants!! I went looking for color skinnies at ours and no luck!! Love those boots too!!


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