Wednesday, May 22, 2013

~May Long Weekend Recap~

What a beautiful long weekend it ended up being! Rain was in the forecast for most of it and it barely rained at all. Bad news for the garden, good news for me!

Friday night we kept it low-key and hung out at home after work. Hubby made a delicious cedar plank salmon for dinner which we all devoured. Yes, even picky Audrey! Usually Friday is a rest day but I missed my Shred workout on Wednesday so I made it up that night.

Saturday I had a massage which was good but not very relaxing. Apparently my shoulders and traps are very tight. Guess where I hold all my stress?!??

After my massage we headed to Banff for the day. We bought a hiking backpack for Audrey that we plan to use a lot this summer. The sky looked a little iffy and we didn't have a rain cover for Audrey so we just did a short hike around Cave and Basin, which only opened up after being closed for a 3 year renovation the day before. It is the birth place of Canada's national parks so that's a neat part of history. It was a pretty tame hike- more of a walk but it was nice to get out and be in the wilderness.

Let's go!!
Shaking her maraca from Mexico

Thank goodness she is light!
We saw a bunch of fish in the marsh area and some deer too.

Tropical fish in the warm marsh

There is a deer at the base of the
closest tree- really hard to see!
We went to the Cave and Basin exhibit which I don't think I have ever been to before. It's a mishmash of Parks Canada history. We didn't get to look at it in depth because Audrey was running all over the place enjoying her freedom from the hiking backpack!

Looking up in the cave
The first discovered hot spring
Audrey & hubby had to duck when walking in the cave

She likes cars already- better start saving Daddy!
Audrey thought one of the hot pools was the neatest thing ever. I'm sure it looked like a giant bath tub to her. She kept pointing to it and chatting to this lady next to us. It was pretty cute! I had to keep a firm grip on her since I'm sure she would have climbed in if I let her!

Toddler on the loose!

Big bathtub

"Look at this big bathtub, lady!!"

Sitting in the big chair
"I want back in the car!" 
We went to our favourite restaurant, Crazyweed, in Canmore, for dinner. LOVE this place! Everyone who likes good food should go there if you are ever in the area. I had the halibut and it was to-die-for! Mmmm! Hubby had the spare ribs, which were equally amazing! Audrey loved the focaccio bread. We shared a vanilla bean creme brulee for dessert.


It looks like she is snapping her
fingers for more bread!
Sunday morning we met our running group. They had 6K on schedule as they are tapering for their half. I had 9K on my schedule for my 10K (taper, what's that?) and I ended up doing 7K. I was pushing Audrey in the Chariot so I didn't go super fast. It means that running 10K next weekend without the Chariot will feel easy. Right? I hope so. I'm still not feeling super confident in my speed but I'm hoping I can make these legs go faster on race day when it counts.

Miss A fell asleep in the Chariot around 5K and rather than wake her (Never wake a sleeping baby!), I took the Chariot into Tim Horton's for our post-run re-fuel. It was a pain to maneuver and it was packed in there. She slept for over an hour which surprised me since she normally wakes up as soon as you stop moving and it was pretty noisy in there.

She did wake up after awhile, hungry as a bear and she quickly gobbled down the orange and carrot muffin.

Hubby actual ran home as part of his long run so we met him back there when he was done. We spent the rest of the day playing in the yard, doing our meal plan and grocery shopping and more chores.

Audrey's new favourite word is GO!! She shouts it at the door when she wants to go outside. She wasn't very happy when she was left inside with me while Daddy was out working in the yard. Unfortunately she just wants to dig in the garden and even had her first taste of dirt as she shoved a handful into her mouth. I actually think she liked it too!
Helping with the yard work

At my request, hubby made some sangria. Yum!! Sangria reminds me of Barcelona, one of my favourite cities in the whole world. I may have had a few glasses there. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of this deliciousness. I may have been a bit preoccupied drinking it!

Monday was a lazy no-plans day. The weather was gorgeous again so we hung outside again as much as we could. I drank some more sangria, hubby worked out in the yard and Audrey ran around where ever she was. That girl sure is busy!

Sadly the weekend came to an end BUT it's a short week!! Yay!!


  1. I love Crazyweed too! I will have to check out Cave and Basin this summer, need some easier hikes to do.
    I think race days you always get that extra adrenaline and there is that extra motivation to go a tad faster. It was always like that for me!
    Sounds like a great weekend :)

  2. You guys had a great weekend! I've never heard of Crazyweed before, but might have to check it out :)

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! WOW! I love going for hikes. We have a backpack like that too so we hope to get out lots next year too.
    mmm Sangria! LOVE it. I will have to remember Crazyweed sounds good and nice that it's yummy and kid friendly! Love that last photo of A busy in her yard! So cute.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. I'm jealous of the sangria. I've been craving some but just haven't had a chance to make any.

  5. What an amazing weekend! Love the pictures of your hike. Audrey looks like she loved it! Aren't long weekends the best!!

  6. the hike/walk looks fun! I just told hub we have to do that soon. What type of sangria was it? I have played with a few recipes but nothing has been deemed a keeper...yet. sounds like a great weekend!

  7. That is a pretty amazing weekend! I love your photos, they are just breathtakingly beautiful! And you go girl, for carrying her in her carrier on that kind of walk! I can't wait till my stamina is built up again to do some hiking with my family!


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