Thursday, May 23, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. I had an interesting experience last night. I was preparing tonight's dinner for the crock pot so cutting up a bunch of veggies and putting them on top of the meat so hubby can quickly pull it out of the fridge and turn it on in the morning. Afterwards I went up to shower and my hand started burning on the outside from the big knuckles down. It started off just tingling but then got worse. Then my eye started burning while I was washing my face. I racked my brain trying to figure out what I got on my hand and then transferred to my face. The last vegetable I had cut up was an onion but I've cut plenty of onions before and while they made me cry, they never made my hand feel like it was on fire! I asked hubby and he was stumped at first but then reminded me that I cut a jalapeno!! Ahhhhh!

We looked up on the internet how to relieve the burning and tried a few things:
- lime juice- didn't really help
- lime juice then baking soda- burned like hell
- aloe vera- helped at first but the burning returned
- After Bite- helped at first but the burning returned
- Penaten diaper cream- helped at first but then the burning returned. Messy!
- cold water- helped as long as my hand was under the running water
- ice pack- most helpful as long as I didn't freeze my hand off

I stayed up way too late trying to relieve the burning sensation but when I woke up a couple hours later (thanks to Audrey) it was mostly better. I don't think I will be cutting jalapenos anytime soon!

2. The Calgary Jugo Juice 10K has snuck up- it's this weekend!! I feel so-so about my training. I've definitely run a lot but I could have used a few more speed sessions and maybe one or two longer runs. A PR ( sub1:03) might not be in the cards, and certainly not sub 60 minutes but we will see what happens.

Scotiabank Jugo Juice 10K 2011
Either way, I will be cheering on lots of friends who are racing as well. Many of them are running their first halfs or full marathons, including Leigh.They are all going to rock it!

Hopefully I will be able to meet up with Cori- she's going for a sub 60 10K so maybe I should stick with her! I have no doubt she will reach her goal!

3. Audrey is going to have her first sleep over at Auntie's on Saturday night. Since the race starts so early on Sunday and both hubby and I are racing, it made sense to have someone look after her overnight. The race venue is not stroller friendly and Audrey would not tolerate being in the hiking pack for 3-4 hours minimum. I'm a little sad to be leaving her overnight but I know she will be in very capable hands and my sister and her family LOVE Audrey to pieces. She probably won't want to come home! I will miss her like crazy though and will make sure my sis sends me pictures every hour!

Hanging with her cousin
Have you ever had a jalapeno burn?
How old was your baby when you first left him/her for the night?


  1. Ah looking forward to Sunday! Fingers crossed this rain goes away by then. Good luck if I don't see you that morning. What distance is J racing? I've cut up jalapenos before, but never had it burn my skin. I do know that it stays on your hands for a long time though!

  2. I may see you Sunday! I am going to cheer so I will look for you to cheer too! Good luck! I am sure A will love her sleepover!!
    Ouch to the japs! Crazy that is last so long! Maybe put your hand in a ziploc when cutting them next time?! ha

  3. I've never had the jalapeno burn, though my first line of defense with spicy is MILK. Even though every website tells me milk doesn't do anything - I have found it soothes.

    and of course we will meet up! You are the only person I know who's running the 10k! I'm thinking of setting up a meeting place so everyone can meet up if they want!

  4. My husband has done that before!! I can't imagine the burning!! good luck in your race!


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