Thursday, May 30, 2013

~Three Things Thursday~

1. My SeaWheeze limited edition booty shorts have arrived! I definitely should have ordered the longer track shorts. The speed shorts fit but they won't be any good for longer distance runs.

The race is only 72 days away! Training officially starts next week!

Top left- shorts
Bottom left- reusable bag they came in
Right- Lululemon packaging. 
2. Speaking of training, I have pretty much taken this week off. I need a break mentally before starting half marathon training next week. Surprisingly, my house isn't any cleaner even with me not working out in the evening!

Lululemon has come out with an official SeaWheeze training app so I will be giving that a go. The fall half marathon clinic starts up at the end of June and luckily most of my friends that are doing SeaWheeze will also be part of that clinic so we will likely train together.

I'm also thinking of switching my strength training program- probably to another Jillian Michael's workout since I like her style. Any recommendations?

3. Took this sweet girl to the park yesterday in between rain storms.

She LOVES it! Her favourite thing is to pick up all the rocks and put them on any surface she can find. I didn't get any pictures as I was too busy running after her but I am sure there will be many park trips this summer.

Let's just say she was less than impressed when we had to leave. Cried the whole way home and wouldn't stop even when we went inside. She refused to take her jacket off, even for dinner.

She's one outdoor-loving drama queen!

Both begging to go outside

AND only 2 more sleeps until Audrey's Auntie L and Uncle C get back from their year-long, round-the-world, trip!! Can't wait to hug them and hear all their stories in person! It feels like yesterday they left and yet forever since we have seen them. We have lots of catching up to do.


  1. LOVE the print of the shorts and I love those shorts. I'll see what JM dvds I still have (lent a bunch to my parents) but you can borrow one if you want! I also have all the Ripped series.

  2. I can never buy any lulu shorts because they are all entirely too short! But I love those and that bag print is awesome!
    You lucked out with having an outdoor-loving lady!

  3. Love those shorts! Their running shorts are my fav, but mostly cause I am short so they are perfect for me. So jealous of you doing their half marathon too, I have a few friends running it this year.


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