Monday, May 6, 2013

~What I did this weekend~

Oh Monday- I am not happy to see you again. Why must you come every single week?

Friday was not the relaxing evening that it usually is. Since we had a fairly busy weekend planned, I had to get a jump start on all my chores so laundry, cleaning and running errands was what my night consisted of. I was exhausted when I went to bed at 11pm.

Saturday I had a bit of a sleep in. When Audrey went down for her morning nap, I squeezed in a sweaty Jillian Michael's workout.

It was a gorgeous day, so we headed to the Zoo with hubby's parents in the afternoon. Audrey enjoyed running around and checking out all the animals. Getting the Zoo pass is the best decision ever!

Little piglets!
I want one!

Sleeping tiger
Remnants of lunch were beneath him- yuck!

He was just as happy for the good
weather as the rest of us were!
When we showed Audrey the tiger she started "rawr"ing. Cutest sound ever!

That evening the grandparents babysat while hubby and I went to our friends' house for dinner. It was a nice adult evening. We had uninterrupted conversation and we didn't have to rush home after dinner to put Audrey to bed. After dinner, we went out for drinks at lounge as I had mentioned earlier that since having a baby, I miss going out to pubs and lounges. It took awhile for us to find a place that didn't have a long line up and when we finally did, the service was awful. Made me realize that I am actually not missing out on anything! The late-night-scene really isn't my thing anymore!

Sunday morning we went for our group run. Yay- we finally made one! I ran with Amanda part of the way, whom I haven't seen in ages. It was great to catch up with her and talk about our upcoming trip to Vancouver for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon in August.

Finally we had some decent weather but I'm not used to it so I wasn't quite prepared on this run. I didn't bring enough water (only 2 bottles instead of 4) and I probably could have worn shorts and/or a tank top instead of capris and a t-shirt. I was warm! My face was a nice shade of red when I was done. I ran 10K- the first 5K were great since I was running with Amanda, but I lost steam in the last 5K and had to walk more than I would have liked. I also didn't eat much breakfast before the run, and I was dehydrated. It wasn't an awful run but not the kind of run that you want to have 3 weeks before a race.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, more laundry (no, it never ends), attempting numerous times to get Audrey to nap and trying to get ready for the week.

The neighbors' little girl came over to "play" with Audrey for a bit- that was pretty cute!

Playing with the rocks

Sharing the rocks

The in-laws came over for dinner- BBQ ribs! Yum! Love BBQ season!

The weather is looking pretty good this week so I'm pretty happy about that!

What's your favourite thing to cook on the BBQ?

What's your favourite pub or restaurants?


  1. Veggies! Love using our grilling basket.
    It was so nice out this weekend, yesterday felt just like summer.
    I agree, whenever we go out to a pub or lounge I think the same thing, they are usually too noisy and crowded for me.

  2. I love burgers on the BBQ - we usually have burgers every Sunday night for dinner :-)

    I like the Clocktower Pub here in Ottawa - they have a few locations and brew their own beer. We used to go all the time, but now that Max is here, we rarely go. We even have a few gift certificates to use up from Christmas.....

  3. I ran on Saturday and was dying from the "heat"! I know it's not that warm, but not quite used to running in those temperatures yet. I'd rather run in colder weather any day. Glad that you guys had a great weekend :)

  4. The zoo looks so fun! I love to BBQ anything. I think everything tastes better from the BBQ!!

  5. I am with ya on the night scene but I do love a good pub!! This weather is amazing! YES to BBQ season!! J is making ribs tomorrow night, my fav!!!

  6. Woohoo! I love BBQ season!
    We made Santa Fe chicken foil packets on the bbq tonight- so dang good!! Definitely my favorite BBQ food :)

  7. I love corn and pizza and steak and veggies! I love pubs and restaurants- haven't come across too many that I REALLY love here, but there are about a billion back in Boston that I miss!

    The zoo is so fun!!! Glad you had a good time


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