Monday, May 27, 2013

~What a Weekend!~

Wow- what a busy and exciting weekend it was!
It went by so fast!

Friday hubby hosted a work BBQ at our house. It was pouring rain all day (and week) so it was mostly an indoor party. Audrey was a little surprised to see so many people at her house when we got home but she loved it. She was running around everywhere and of course it was harder to see her amongst all the people. She slept well that night!

We didn't go to bed until after midnight by the time everyone left and we cleaned up.

Saturday I slept in till 9:30am which felt great but put me behind on everything I needed to do for the day. We went to the race expo in the afternoon to pick up our race packages. It wasn't very busy so no line ups or traffic jams. I picked up some nutrition and some head bands from Bondi Bands and a whole bunch of pamphlets.

Bondi bands
They didn't have the ones I wanted but I thought these ones were pretty cute.

After the expo, we headed to my sister's, who lives almost an hour away, to drop off Audrey for her first sleepover. We stayed for a couple hours to visit with everyone and help Audrey adjust a little bit. She actually cried when we left because she thought she had to leave too! Independent little girl!

It was weird leaving her for the night but I knew she would be just fine.

When we got home, we got ready for our races the next morning- it took me awhile to decide what to wear, and headed to bed early.

Sunday the alarm went off super early- oh wait, same time it does during the week! We dragged ourselves out of bed, got ready and hit the road at 5:30am.

I will put all the nitty gritty details in my race report but I will say that I achieved my sub-60 minute 10K goal with the help of Cori from Read.Write.Run.Mom. I am so happy I spotted her right before the race and didn't let her from my sight until we finished!

Hubby had a great race despite his lack of training and recent hip niggling. We stayed and watched a bunch of our friends finish the half and full marathon, including Leigh. I was so proud to see her finish her first marathon so strong and fast!

After we stopped for food, we headed back out of town to pick up Audrey. I missed her soooo much, especially seeing all the other kids watching their parents finish their races. My sister said she did great and my nieces adored her. She slept pretty well (one wake up) and had a long nap in the morning.

They took her to the park which she loves. She also tried eating the dirt & gravel.

We spent the evening doing a few chores but we were all exhausted from a busy weekend so we headed to bed early. An extra day off would have been perfect. My long weekend was a week too soon.

Happy Memorial Day American friends!

Did you race this weekend?


  1. Awesome job on the race! I am happy the rain left for all you guys to run that day.
    Those headbands are cute! Headbands are always a must for me when running.

  2. Congrats on your run!!! So awesome!! Those headbands are awesome, bondi band is my fav! Glad A enjoyed her sleepover too!! YAY for the raining not joining you on race day!!

  3. I read Cori's race report last night...congratulations on your amazing race!!

  4. Congrats on an awesome race!! Love those head bands!! Glad the weather co-operated!!

  5. Woohoo!! Congrats on your sub 60, that's so exciting!!

  6. Glad that A had fun at your sisters! I bet she slept well all weekend with all of the action. I can't believe I didn't hear you at the finish line :( Sorry about that again! But thank you for the pictures :)

  7. ps- congratulations on your sub 60 10k! Awesome!

  8. congrats on reaching your goal! that is so exciting!


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