Monday, June 17, 2013

~ Father's Day Weekend ~

Friday was pretty low key. Audrey and I had adjustments after work. Hubby made some delicious homemade pizza which Little-Miss-Picky devoured.

Saturday started off great! Audrey slept through the night! She didn't wake up until 7am. Hubby started to get worried since whenever she does actually sleep through the night, she wakes up super early. I slept in a bit longer and then hubby had get his hair cut and do some work.

Audrey and I cleaned and did laundry all morning. She then had an epic 3 hour long nap. She must be going through a growth spurt!

I had to get my long run in since we had morning plans for Father's Day. It was so gorgeous out and I didn't want to go on the treadmill so I had to wait until hubby came back home as Audrey was still sleeping. The plan was to run 7K LSD. As I headed out I could see some dark clouds in the far north but it was gorgeous and clear where I was. About 3K in the wind started to pick up, the dark clouds started rolling over top of me and the rain started. I knew I was going to have to cut it short since they had been forecasting thunder and lightening. I will run in rain, and snow, but not a thunderstorm!

Luckily I wasn't too far from home and I didn't get back a minute too soon! Hubby was standing in the garage waiting for me and debating if he should come looking for me.

 I only ended up getting 4K in. Geez Mother Nature!

The storm passed quickly and once Audrey woke up she wanted to play outside in her sandbox.

In the late afternoon, we attended Dane's 1st birthday party. So hard to believe how quickly these babies are growing up! Thankfully the weather mostly held up so we could enjoy the party on the beach.

Birthday Boy!!!

Trying some cake

Audrey taking a spin in Dane's car
Yummy birthday cake
Audrey helping with present opening

Checking out the toys

Trying to escape outside- what's new!
On Sunday, Audrey started celebrating Father's Day at 6:00am. Her teeth are bothering her again/still so she was extra cuddly/whiny. In the late morning, we met with hubby's family to go for a leisure hike at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.

Rocking the sunnies!

More rain clouds rolling in

Afterwards, we had some lunch and looked at some pictures from C&L's trip. Yesterday was also their 1st wedding anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year since their magical mountain wedding!

We went home briefly so Audrey (and I) could have naps. Hubby went grocery shopping so that neither of us had to do it at 9pm again!

We had a quick Skype call with my Dad and family in Ontario before we headed back to the in-laws for dinner.

It was a very full day!

Happy Father's Day!! 


  1. Have you ever got stuck in a bad rain storm? It is no fun! I once hid under a bush for 20 mins while it hailed. Chad actually went to look for me but I took a different route than usual, then cause he left when I got home (ran back in the pouring rain) I was locked out!
    I love that bday cake!

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! It was a crazy rain storm!! Glad you made it home! LOVE the photos on A in the sand box and swing. So cute!! Looks like a nice hike too, great day for it!!

  3. That cake is cute!!! Yuck to the rain! and running in the rain!! It rained here a bit yesterday too! Glad you had a great weekend!!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I remember when Dane was just a little baby at your birthday party last year! (I think that was him right?). So ready for the rain to be gone...oh wait, we are getting more this week!

  5. i love homemade pizza and haven't made it in far too long! and that weather picture looks crazy!

  6. Looks like you guys had such a nice weekend!


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