Friday, June 14, 2013

~ Haute Fashion ~

Hallelujah it's Friday! What a week!

I'm so ready for this weekend and to celebrate Father's Day on Sunday.

Speaking of Father's Day, does anyone else find it weird that there are so many Father's Day (and Mother's Day, for that matter) cards that are for my husband (or my wife)? I'm not sure why a wife is giving her husband a Father's Day card? Am I missing something? Hubby never got a Father's Day card until last year, when he was a Father. I never got a Mother's Day card until I became a Mother. I have nothing against pets giving Father's/Mother's Day cards since they are our fur babies, but the Husband/Wife thing just confuses me.

And really I wouldn't care about this other than the fact that I had a hard time finding a decent Father's Day card for my Dad, or for A to give to hubby since there were so many darn For my Husband cards everywhere!

Yesterday, I saw this girl on my way to work who was wearing a green and blue leopard print tight & short skirt, black lace ripped tights and blue converse boots. Yup- boots. She definitely looked unique and I wish I could have taken a picture without being obvious.

My outfits below aren't nearly as flashy!

Necklace- Etsy
I always like an outfit that I can pair this necklace with. I'm experimenting with wearing multiple colours at one time and I like this pink & green combination.

Blue Sweater & Charcoal pants- Banana Republic
Necklace- RW&Co
Brown wedges- Franco Sarto
I woke up this day freezing so back to winter-y clothes it was. Boring but at least I didn't get hypothermia.

On second thought...

Remind me not to wear those wedges with these pants again! They don't lie properly and I'm weird about hems. I didn't realize how off it looked until I uploaded this picture.

Dress- Target
Cardigan & Belt- Old Navy
I love how this outfit looks but I had two issues with it. 1) The dress is so darn static-y and when I spray static guard it leaves wet marks on the dress! Seriously annoying! and 2) It's a bit see-through! It's not a big deal when I'm wearing tights but with bare legs I felt a bit self conscious. I might have to buy a slip- can you even find those anymore?

Paisley and Beads
Black & white top- Old Navy
Jeans- Mavi
Sandals- Steve Madden via Winners
Necklace- RW& Co. 
I love this top. It's so comfortable, and a nice pattern. I wish I had another bright necklace to wear with it. I tried the bubble necklace and it didn't quite look right (but not horrible so I might wear it sometime). I'm still on the hunt for some bright jewels- I am just indecisive!

Would you wear converse boots? 


  1. LOVE the top look! Very classic. And I really like the color black dress, too bad it was a bit annoying! Looking great this week!!
    I never noticed that with cards but that is a bit odd!! They don't make fur baby father's day cards - which they should!! :) I hope J has a great father's day!!

  2. Yay colours! I think slips still exist, but once when I tried to find one, I couldn't find one in any stores.

    One girl today was wearing a see through skirt and was wearing black under-roos....awkward conversation with her!

    I like RW necklaces!

  3. Can't wait every Friday to see your outfit post! :-)
    I think the Father's Day/husband cards are for when you finally have a baby and your husband becomes a daddy. Then you buy him the "husband" card and tell him what a great daddy he is :-)
    Love the dress too - nice colors!
    And nope - probably wouldn't wear converse boots.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. That is confusing! I forgot it was Father's Day this weekend, oops. I have a card from Scar to Chad cause I had never seen a to dad from cat card and it was totally Scar lol. I agree about the wife thing...
    I hate staticy outfits and that spray stinks!
    Love that last top too. Yesterday I wore a black and white polka dot dress and felt it needed color so I know what you mean, just a fun pop of color for summer.

  5. I love your necklace in the first outfit and the dress from Target! Super cute looks this week!!

  6. I saw tonnes of colourful bobbly necklaces at forever 21 yesterday... try there!!

  7. No i would not wear converse boots but I would wear everything you showed in the post! You look great! My tip for the static is to rub a dryer sheet on the inside of your skirt and it usually helps a lot...


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