Friday, June 28, 2013

~ Haute Fashion ~

Oh Friday, how I have missed you!!

The best part? It's a long weekend in Canada!!!

Yay Canada Day!!

I'm also excited to participate in some Canada Day festivities with Audrey. We don't always go all out for Canada Day but I think it will be a good family tradition to start.

Also, an update on the train situation from yesterday. They successfully moved the rail cars off the collapsing bridge.  Crisis averted. Yay!


Finally some summer weather around here! My legs are starting to see some light!
It's still chilly in the mornings and my office is often freezing but at least the sun is out and it's warm when I leave the office for the day. Please let this continue!

Coral to the Max-i
Coral maxi skirt- Hope's
Black blazer- Jacob
White shirt- Old Navy
Coral necklace- Banana Republic
Tan Wedges- Franco Sarto
I adore this outfit! The skirt is sooooo comfortable and soft. That being said, it felt very casual and the skirt is quite thin. I paired it with this boyfriend blazer that is longer which I felt made it more professional looking. For once, when I got home from work I didn't rush to change into something else, just took off the blazer. I want to wear this skirt every day now!

Brownie Points
Purple dress- Jacob
Brown cardigan- H&M
Brown belt- ON
Tan Wedges- Franco Sarto
Necklace- Banana Republic
I don't wear a lot of brown (other than these wedges that I wear all.the.time now). I just prefer black as a neutral. This sweater is old but I like how it is gathered around the waist so it's more fitted and flattering. 

Professional Meets Fun
Black blazer- United Colors of Benetton
Fuchsia shirt- ON
Grey skirt- F21
Grey pearl necklace- Jacob
Peep toe pumps- Nine West
I've been searching for blazers for awhile when I had an epiphany- I have 2 blazers tucked away in my closet from suits that I rarely wear. They are perfect for pairing with non-suit outfits! Can't believe I forgot about them! I love how the blazer makes this skirt more professional looking than if I just wore a cardigan. 

Belted LBD
Black dress- United Colours of Benetton
Cardigan & Belt- ON
Necklace- Banana Republic
Belts are huge right now. Up until recently, I rarely wore them. They are a great way to accessorize an outfit so I've picked up a few recently. It adds just a bit of detail.

Colour Overload
Shoes- Steve Madden via Winners
Everything else- Old Navy
I love how bright and colourful this outfit is. I never thought I'd be into coloured jeans but I love them!

I've found a solution to my problem of freezing in my office every day- use a blanket on my lap!

Audrey wanted to share her new favourite sandals. She adores them! She pitched a fit the other morning since Daddy wouldn't let her wear them to the day home.

In this picture, the shoe had fallen off and she insisted on carrying it around! Her love of shoes is proof that she is mine!
What are you doing to celebrate Canada Day?

Do you wear belts as accessories?


  1. I LOVE outfit #1!!!! That skirt is so cute! And I think it's awesome you have blazers from suits, so funny you never thought of that! Score!! I also love professional meets fun and that last colorful one is GREAT!! Have fun with Canada day!!

  2. That is one dressed up office you work in.
    We haven't really made plans. There's a ton of life stuff happening today, but with all the flooding we decided to free-form it. So free form that the plans to meet up with buddies tomorrow don't even have a confirmed time.

    No, I wear a belt to keep my pants up. Same one till it dies, then I get a new one. Why, yes, I am a boring dresser.

  3. LOVE that maxi skirt. It is adorable! I just started getting into colored jeans. I was not sure at first, but they are really fun! Enjoy the long weekend! :)

  4. Love the colored jeans with the yellow cardigan. My issue is I can never think of non-neutral colors to wear with colored jeans. Who would have thought they'd come back in style?!
    I think we will hit up some festivities around RD this weekend, its our Centennial too so lots going on then of course fireworks (in Sylvan) Monday.
    I wear belts as accessories all the times, even more now that I am pregnant.

  5. As usual - great outfits!

    I haven't worn a Maxi dress yet


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