Thursday, June 20, 2013

~ Three Things Thursday ~

1. I am starting to feel like a broken record. I am so sick of this never-ending rain! Didn't we get enough in May? June is usually our highest rainfall month and it's no exception this year.

In Canmore, a small town about 45 minutes from my house, is under a state of emergency from the heavy rainfall and resulting mudslides. The TransCanada has been closed in several locations and people are stranded on the road or even at home without power.

I am thankful that the storm is only affecting my hair and not my house.

2. I am not good with change and I hate confrontation. This is not a good combination because it usually means I have a hard time dealing with issues. I just let them go on forever, build up anger and resentment until I finally burst. I'm really trying to work on this in a few areas in my life. It's really hard to get out of my comfort zone though. It's kind of like running actually. In order to get faster, you need to run faster. In order to change something you don't like, you have to change something. It's all up to me.


3. This picture was taken on the C-train (LRT). It's one of the newer trains, which suck because the seats are so small. Unless you are a 10 year old girl, it's very uncomfortable to sit next to people. You can see the man's arm on the left is overlapping on the other seat. There isn't enough butt & shoulder room. Considering that it's mostly adults riding the train (I think?) it's a horrible design.

Anyway, there is this sign above the window that says

 "Please help strip for assistance. Penalty for misuse"

Does anyone else immediately think of "striping?" There is a pole right in front of the window. I'm pretty sure they are referring to 'in case of an emergency' and removing the window to use as an exit. Couldn't they have used better wording?

It's not the best picture since I was trying to be discreet.

Does anyone else think this is weird? 


  1. So over this rain too! I am the same as you...hate change and struggle with confrontation. I would just rather sit and stew to myself about it

  2. Yes this rain is awful!! I hate being damp and wet coming to work. Poor Canmore!! That sign makes no sense!? Ridiculous. Sucks that the seats are small, I hardly ever use transit.

  3. That is some great English! Please help strip, lol

  4. Yikes oh that sucks about Canmore. I did not know that - how scary!

    The neverending rain has started here this week after we had some BEAUTIFUL weather in June. I do not enjoy it at all but last year it rained so much our parks flooded so I'll take this year over last year I suppose!

  5. Yuck for all that rain. I hope it lets up soon!
    I hate confrontation too. It is something I am working on as well. I usually just let it slide by without ever saying anything....not good.

  6. Not Canmore!! It was our Favorite while we were down there!! Soo sad!! Hopefully that rain stops! Sending some of our sun!

  7. That rain is horrible! I hope everyone stays safe. Makes me nervous to see people getting so close for footage.
    I agree with the c-train, that would not be very comfortable at all. Sometimes they everyone looks like sardines in them!

  8. Poor Canmore! But I just feel like they knew all this rain was coming so why weren't they sandbagging the river before? RIGHT? Be prepared!

    1. Have you seen the videos? That river is beyond sandbagging. I've seen it dry, there are huge boulders being used as rip rap to hold it in, and that didn't work.

  9. This weather is terrible. I just want it to stop!! I can't believe all the areas in a state of emergency now.

  10. Can you just picture me and J trying to sit next to each other, and other people trying to fit in? That would be funny to watch. Maybe we should do a video.


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