Wednesday, June 19, 2013

~ Training Update & Upcoming Races ~

My training for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon in August is going well. I've been using my training app which has been a great way to keep track of my workouts. I don't usually do the workout they suggest each day because I am partial to running on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. It works well for my schedule and I figure as long as I get the runs in it doesn't really matter which day of the week they are.

I've only done yoga once in the last 2 weeks so I'm planning on doing that tonight.
I've done the Jillian Michael's Shred-It with Weights a few times and I love it! I just wish I had more time to do it!
I did my 4.5K run last night at 8pm which is not an ideal time but the weather was gorgeous, and A was in bed.
My long runs are still lacking so I need to ensure I start upping my distance now. I'm planning on meeting the running group on Sunday for 10K-ish since we are finally free on a Sunday morning for once! I miss my buddies!

Color Me Rad is coming up in 10 days!

I'm still trying to decide on my outfit. I need to put it together this weekend- no last-minute rushing around for me! I also need to figure out what we are doing with Audrey for the race since both hubby and I are participating. Should probably get on that...

Any tips on what to wear for the race? Other than all white.
Will the colour wash out of my clothes? I'd hate to ruin some of my favourite running gear but I also don't want to chafe from wearing cheap cotton.

The following weekend is the Stampede Road Race 5K that I am doing again with my sister. We have a whole bunch of friends and some family doing the Half that day so we will likely stick around to cheer everyone on. I'm hoping for great weather like last year!

Our plan is to just race for fun. No real time goals.

I've also added another Half Marathon to my 2013 race list.

I'll be doing the Harvest Half Marathon again in October. This is probably one of my favourite half marathon routes so I'm looking forward to running in Fish Creek Park again. I highly recommend this race- sign up quickly though since it sells out a few months in advance.

Some of my favourite race photos from last year ever- taken by Howard.
Best pacer/photographer ever!

My favourite running photo ever!
How's your training going? 
Are you doing Color Me Rad? 


  1. We are wearing a white workout tee from Joe - it's only 5km so I'm not worried about chafing and then bright colored cheap shorts - it may not come out so I wouldn't wear nice stuff!! We are also wearing a bandana I think cause I have heard it's really hard to get out of especially blond hair!

  2. You have some great races coming up! I cannot wait for color me rad :)I need to find a outfit too! I am wearing cheap stuff probably since I am not sure I will run the entire way, my friend's that are coming with me are not runners!

  3. I agree with Alison...I wouldn't wear anything good as I doubt you will ever be able to get it fully out of your clothes. We bought cheap shorts from Walmart and I plan on wearing a pair of black tight workout shorts under....if it was longer than 5km, I'd be worried about chafing. Plus I am sure there will be lots of stop and go with the amount of ppl there is going to be!

  4. My sister is doing the color run, it sounds like it would be lots of fun!

    Your favorite running photo looks like it could be an ad for running gear- you look so happy!

    How is the course for the harvest half? I was thinking about doing the Okanagan 1/2 marathon, but a Calgary race would be closer!


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