Monday, September 30, 2013

~Weekend Recap~

How is it possibly Monday already?

Friday night my BFF came over for dinner and brought over her 4 month old Great Dane puppy, Jersey. She is such a sweet puppy. Milo kept chasing her around the house and letting her know who is boss. Audrey loved her!! I only managed to get one photo of them- as Audrey was saying goodnight and giving her a hug.

Blurry puppy

On Saturday morning, Hubby and Audrey went to her swimming lessons while I went to a Baby Sale. Unfortunately I didn't find too much for Audrey- it seems there just isn't much available the bigger they get. Doesn't surprise me since she seems to wear out of clothes before she grows out of them, or things get stained.

Couple pairs of pants
Beautiful handmade knit sweater
Hair bow

I managed to get a bunch of stuff for Baby Boy- a bunch of sleepers, an outfit and the cutest little Robeez. I find it's harder to find cute clothes for boys that aren't covered in trucks or puppies. That might be a good thing!!

(Sorry- wouldn't rotate!)

While Audrey napped, hubby and I put another coat on the hutch- only on the bottom half since we ran out of paint! Since it's specialty paint we couldn't just run to Home Depot and pick up another can so the project has been delayed yet another weekend. I really like how the bottom piece turned out- it just need needs to be lightly distressed and waxed. The second coat evened out the streaks.

After Audrey's nap we had some shopping to do so we braved the mall. Poor little girl seems to be coming down with a cold so she was pretty content sitting in her stroller people watching rather than running around. I hate seeing her sick but we have been pretty lucky with how healthy she has been. I guess it's just that time of year now.

We found her a new winter jacket, snow pants and boots. She wasn't too impressed with the snow pants and jacket, but loved the boots.

Blurry, unhappy toddler, with kleenex in her band

Sunday morning we met with our running group to do our 6K taper. It was pretty windy out and I wore my jacket, making me very overdressed. Hopefully we won't have wind on race day. I felt pretty good after 6K but I'm sure I will need a few bathroom breaks on race day as all the bouncing puts pressure on the bladder!

It seems this girl prefers to sit at the table sans booster seat. She's becoming such a big girl! Much to her dismay, she usually has to sit in her booster for meals.

While vacuuming, I fell down the stairs and smashed my foot into the baby gate at the base of the stairs. It hurt so badly. At first I thought I may have broken my big toe but I think it's just sprained. Still not great considering that I have a race in 6 days. I've been icing it a bit but it's hard to rest when you have a toddler to run after and a bunch of things that need to get done.

A couple hours later, hubby went down the stairs, and thought the gate was open. It ended up being stuck, he stumbled into it, and broke it! So much for that! Our stairway is now baby-gate free. Audrey can go up and down the stairs no problem so we don't feel the need to rush out and buy another gate until the next baby is mobile. It's so nice not having to open the gate every time you have to go up or down the stairs. 

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon putting together some work outfits so that I'm not scrambling every morning. I've come to the conclusion that my maternity wardrobe consists of purple, grey and black. I will not be buying anything in those colours for awhile! 

I also backed up my iPhone, and updated to iOS 7. I'm still trying to get used to it and so far dislike a few features. My phone is acting up today but I think that's a provider issue as it happened last week before I updated. 

The rest of the evening was spent hobbling around, trying to get ready for the upcoming week and baking muffins. 

What colour does you wardrobe mainly consist of?

Have you ever sprained a toe?

What's your favourite kind of muffin?

Friday, September 27, 2013

~Happy Friday & a Confession~

This week flew by exceptionally fast! It was really busy at work so I'm sure that played a part in how speedy it went by.

Last night's prenatal yoga class was better than the first one. We were in a different room so there was less outside noise and we had more room to spread out. I chatted with one lady who had missed last week's class. Turns out we are due within 2 days of each other and we have the same midwife team! We stayed and chatted for 30 minutes after the class.

My Confession- I bought some candy corn last night! I must restrain myself from eating the whole container. I put it in the basement so it's not easily accessible. It's so addicting. I also saw different flavoured candy corn but thought it was best to go with what I know I like. Has anyone tried candy apple or caramel candy corn?

I saw this quote and it made me smile. I've been feeling good lately (until I catch a glimpse of my butt/thighs in the mirror!) but it's so true.

I'm so happy to be having a little baby boy that all the nausea, body image issues and fatigue are worth it. I have lots of time to get my body back to where it was so right now I will enjoy these truly amazing changes.

The best thing happened this morning! My little Daddy's Girl, who half the time wants nothing to do with me if Daddy is around, asked for me this morning when she woke up! I was on my way to work when I saw that hubby was Face Timing me. Since it would be awkward to answer a Face Time call while on a packed train, I texted to say that I would call back once I got off the train. He messaged that Audrey was asking for me, which melted my heart. I've been having a tough time dealing with her indifference towards me so this brightened my day. On my walk to the office, I Face Timed her back and she was so excited to see me! That definitely made my day!

Future architect? 

Playing with Milo
I'm still struggling with what to wear each morning so I must outfit plan on Sunday so I am not rushed/stressed every morning. Fall has definitely arrived so I've been wearing more pants. I'm not looking forward to wearing nylons to work.
Shirt & Slim pants- Thyme
Sweater- Old Navy
Grey shoes- Nine West

Camouflaged bump
I'm a little indecisive on these pants. I really wanted skinny/slim black dress pants since all my current maternity dress pants (from last time) are boot cut/flared that are hemmed to be worn with heels. I wanted pants that I could wear with heels or flats, and possibly boots. I like how these pants look in the front but I'm undecided on the rear view. I should just stop looking at the back and do some more squats! I tried them on with boots and they won't work as they are too loose around the knees and just look weird with boots.

Maxi Love
Blazer- Jacob
White shirt- Thyme
Maxi skirt- courtesy of Alison
I was thrilled when I saw that Alison included this skirt in a bag of maternity clothes she lent me. It is so comfortable, and doesn't cling to my least favourite parts. Thanks so much Alison!

Horrible Picture of a Comfy Outfit
Purple cardigan- Gap
Black maternity shirt- Isabella Oliver
Paige maternity jeans
Black wedges- Nine West
These jeans are so comfy. I should hem them since I have to tuck up the excess length. I swear they make them for 6 foot tall super models. This is a bad picture so just take my word for it that it's comfy and looks decent!

Last Minute
Sweater- H&M
Skirt & Shirt- Thyme (shirt borrowed from Alison)
Grey pearls- Jacob
This is an outfit that I had to throw together last minute as I was running super late. My original outfit for the day didn't work as the shirt was way too big so I had to scrap the whole outfit. Not bad for something thrown together.

Flower Power
Shirt- from Alison
Pants- Thyme
Cardigan- Old Navy
How cute is this shirt? I don't wear a lot of patterns (I'm so boring) so I was pretty excited to see this gem from Alison. I do find that patterns disguise the bump which is good and bad.

I'm looking forward to wearing some comfy leggings this weekend. I'm pretty excited that boot & scarf season is back!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

~Strong & Healthy Baby~

Yesterday, we had the anatomy ultrasound for Baby N#2 at 19 weeks.

Baby was mostly cooperative and did lots of kicking, waving and flipping.
It was so neat to feel the kicks inside me and see the movement on the screen at the same time. We had a great tech this time who walked us through everything, made lots of comments and took some great pictures.

She commented that this baby is quite violent in there! Looks like we are getting another energetic little one!

Baby having a drink and sucking on it's hand

Arm and hand up by the face
Love baby feet!
Bum & leg

I was really having second thoughts about finding out the gender. I thought it would be nice to do something different and find out at the birth. Once we were in the room and the tech asked us if we wanted to find out, it was hard to say no.

The verdict?

Old wives tales are just that and most of you aren't very good at guessing because...

We are both thrilled to be having a little boy!

I always thought I would only have boys, so having Audrey was a huge surprise to me. I'm not surprised at all that this one is a boy. While two little girls would have been adorable, I can't wait for a Momma's boy!

I was really undecided on how to reveal the gender to family & friends. We didn't want to do a party and hubby certainly didn't want us to wait to find out. The appointment was later in the day we didn't have much time to prepare, unless we prepared ahead of time for either gender. Since I was still undecided on if we would even find out, I didn't have a plan, just a Pinterest board full of ideas!

Once we found out it was a boy, hubby really wanted to do something fun to tell his parents and Audrey (since we had to pick her up from their house). Now he was on board for a gender reveal!

We went for a quick dinner, just the two of us, and then went to Chapters to find a little stuffed animal to give to Audrey from her little brother. We knew she wouldn't get it at all but it would be fun to incorporate her into our reveal to hubby's family. When hubby saw the blue elephant he knew that was the one since he still has his childhood stuffed elephant.

We put the elephant in a bag with tissue paper and gave it to Audrey. She carried the bag around for a minute and had to be coaxed into actually looking into the bag! She took out the first piece of tissue paper and played for it a bit while everyone anxiously waited to see what was in the bag! We finally convinced her to look in the bag more and she pulled out the elephant! Grandpa proclaimed "it's a boy!" and Grandma said "how do you know?" Grandpa said "well, the trunk of course!" which made us all laugh! In dim light the elephant looks grey rather than navy so I can understand the confusion. Audrey hugged the elephant for a minute before dropping it to play with the bag and tissue paper!

Now to start the fun process of choosing a name. We have zero names on our boy list so we've got some work to do.

Yay I get to buy boy stuff!!!

I guess the blue shoes were a sign!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

~Baby N #2: 19 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Baby is working on developing his/her five senses. The protective greasy, white coating on the skin, vernix caseosa is also developing. 

What I'm Wearing?
Comfy maternity clothes. I found a pair of slim/skinny black dress pants that I'm still deciding if I like. I need to do a better job of figuring out what I am wearing each day since I am spending too much time staring in my closet each morning, looking for something that fits. I'll pick an outfit ahead of time but then realize that the shirt is too big, or I can't find the right tank top to wear underneath, or the pants need ironing and I don't have time!

Aversions or Cravings?
I had a wicked craving for Nachos or Doritos the other night when I went to bed. I resisted the urge since I was more tired than hungry.

How I'm feeling?
Overall I feel almost back to normal energy wise. My body definitely hurts a little more after a long run, especially my pelvis. My bladder is getting to be quite annoying but that's to be expected. I seem to be struggling more emotionally which I didn't deal with at all last time.

Starting to feel more movement. It's still pretty subtle but definitely there. The baby was kicking lots when the midwife tried to hear the heartbeat at our appointment last week. 

No issues lately, other than a nightly pee break. I took a couple needed naps on the weekend. I'm trying to get to bed earlier. I returned the snoogle since I think it will be unnecessary. I managed fine without it last time.

#5- Prenatal yoga class, 2x 25 minute treadmill run, 18K run, prenatal yoga DVD.

What I'm Excited for? 
Seeing the baby at the ultrasound today! Working on the nursery soon. Feeling more kicks.

What I Miss? 
The usual- clothes, my body, tough workouts and maybe wine.

Running 18K while 18 weeks pregnant! My pelvis didn't really appreciate it but I'm so happy that I've been able to keep up the distance- albeit slow- while this far along.

Baby Purchases & Projects?
So far nothing. Still gathering nursery ideas and maybe once we know the gender I will buy a few things. Need to get that hutch done so we can move on to the next project! There is a lot less to research and buy this time around so I'm not feeling the rush. That being said, I want to do stuff while I have the energy since T3 can be exhausting and with a busy toddler, and Christmas I know time is going to fly.

Weekly Belly Pic

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

~ A Little Gender Prediction Fun ~

We have our anatomy ultrasound this week, where we are hoping to find out the gender of the baby. I really don't have any strong feelings either way and would be thrilled with either. I know hubby is hoping for a boy but he would love another little princess too.

So for fun, let's see what the old wives tales predict we are having.

Carrying high or low- if you carry low, it's a boy, high it's a girl.
I'm carrying the same as I did with Audrey- low (thanks to my long torso) so it's a BOY!

Heart Rate- if the heart rate is above 140 it's a girl, below and it's a boy.
So far it's always been over 140 so it's a GIRL!

Craving Sweet or Savory- if you are craving sweets, it's a girl but if all you want is savory then it's a boy.
I've been craving both, but considering that I NEEDED chips to survive the first trimester we will say savory, so it's a BOY! (although with all these cupcake pictures I'm craving sweet!)

Mood Test- mostly happy? It's a boy. More moody? It's a girl.
It's so a GIRL! (My poor hubby!)

 Chinese Calendar- Apparently this is a very accurate method of gender prediction. It uses the mother's age and month of conception to calculate whether you are having a boy or girl.
For Audrey, it was correct in predicting her gender. It also predicts it's a GIRL for this baby (not surprising since I have the same due date).

Even/Odds Test- If the mother's birth year and age (at conception) are both even or both odd numbers then you are going to have a girl. If one is even, and one is odd, it's a boy.
It's a GIRL!

Complexion- if you are having a girl, she will steal your beauty (aka bad skin) and if you have a boy, your skin will be clear.
It's a BOY!

Morning Sickness- if you are super sick during the first trimester that indicates a girl. If you are just a bit queasy, it's a boy.
Well I felt horrible the first trimester so it's a GIRL!

Graceful versus Clumsy- if you are clumsier, it's a boy. If you are more graceful, it's a girl.
I'm fairly clumsy and always find weird bruises on my body from walking into things. It's a BOY!

If Dad's weight stays the same, it's a boy. If he gains weight, it's a girl.
It's a GIRL!

Headaches- if you suffer from headaches, it's a boy. If you don't, it's a girl. 
It's a BOY!

All pictures via Pinterest

BOY: 5


So what do you think? 
Will Audrey have a baby sister or baby brother?

Monday, September 23, 2013

~ Weekend Recap ~

It was a beautiful first fall weekend of the year. It felt more like summer with the warm temperatures but the air definitely feels like fall today. Won't be long before all the leaves are off the trees and the snow starts to fly.

We had a busy, yet unproductive (for me) weekend.

Friday was pretty casual & uneventful. Hubby brought home Indian take out since neither of us had the energy to make our planned dinner. Afterwards, I tried out my new Camelbak on the treadmill since my waist water belt is a no-go for the next little while. I avoided getting one last time I was pregnant since I really dislike the 'bite and suck' mechanism but I didn't really have much choice with a half marathon coming up. There is no way I would run without water/nutrition so I had to bite the bullet.

Ignore the glass reflection
It is surprisingly comfortable to run with. I wanted one with a chest strap to minimize bouncing and it didn't move much. My biggest issue with it is that in order to access my nutrition or phone I have to remove the pack rather than just reach down like I would with the water belt.

Saturday morning we went to Audrey's swimming lessons. It's quite difficult to get into Saturday classes but we finally found a class that had a spot. Unfortunately, the pool was ridiculously cold so Audrey didn't quite enjoy it. She was super clingy and didn't want to participate in a lot of the activities. I sure hope she acclimatizes to the water but I don't blame her for not liking it. It would be perfect for lane swimming but when you are just standing around it's frigid!

I guess the class wore her out since she quickly fell asleep in the car. We drove around for a bit checking out some neighborhoods and fancy houses while she napped. She was still sleeping when we got home so we left her in the car in the garage since transferring her doesn't always work. Hubby put the first coat of paint of the second colour on the hutch (in the garage). It doesn't look so great right now but the paint store owner assured us that the first coat goes on streaky and evens out with the second coat. I'm getting more and more excited about it! It will probably be at least another week or two before it's done.

After Audrey woke up and had lunch we went into the backyard to play while hubby continued to work on the hutch. I so wished I had brought out my camera since Audrey decided to cover Milo in grass. He was walking around eating grass and she kept pulling big chunks of grass out and throwing it on his back. He was covered and barely seemed to notice.

That night, Auntie L and Uncle C came over for dinner and to watch Audrey while hubby and I had a date night. Hubby made the most delicious home made pizza (what we were supposed to have on Friday). We were going to go to a movie but we ran late with dinner so just decided to go to Chapters to browse books, have a tea and just hang out. It was a nice and relaxing evening.

Audrey had fun with Auntie & Uncle, minus the tub incident. Hopefully they won't hold it against her and will watch her again! ;) Thanks again, L & C!!!

Sunday we were up bright and early for the road trip to Edworthy Park for 18K. Yikes! It was my last long run of this training cycle, until race day. I love this route- from Edworthy Park to downtown and back. It's flat, scenic and lots of other runners & cyclists on the pathway. The weather was perfect and so was the company. I even ran into another friend who lives close by and was going for a morning run.

I ran with Nikki and Penny so there was lots of good conversation to keep me occupied. I had to stop halfway for a bathroom break- at an actual bathroom, not the bushes. Not having the pressure of the water belt around my waist definitely helped.

Around 10-12K my pelvis started to ache. The Harvest Half in 2 weeks will definitely be my last long run for a while. It's just too much pressure on the hips and pelvis. I certainly wouldn't be running this far if I didn't already have a race to train for. Plus once my pelvis starts hurting, it actually feels better to keep running than walking.

I was pretty much a wreck the rest of the day. I had an ice bath when I got home which helped my legs but my pelvis was pretty unhappy with me all day long. I ended up having a long nap in the afternoon since I was pretty useless. I guess I shouldn't plan anything for after the race! It feels much better today so that's reassuring.

After another delicious dinner made by hubby, we went to the park to wear out Audrey. It took awhile to get there at first since she had to stop at every driveway to examine the rocks, grass, flowers, etc.

I'm not even sure why we bring the stroller...
Once at the park she played with a bunch of other kids and showed her daredevil side. When did she get big enough to do all this stuff??

So here we are onto another week. So far it hasn't started out well with me forgetting my breakfast at home and once getting to work realized that the fridge cleaners tossed out a bunch of my perfectly good food on the weekend. Here's hoping the week gets better!

Also, a special Happy Birthday goes out to the cutest Mommy-to-be! Hope you have a great day Alison!